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The day of the week on which you were born: the meaning and influence on fate

The day of the week on which you were born: the meaning and influence on fate

Why day of the week influences fate and how it happens. The planetary value of every day.

Astrologers believe that in the life of a person of great importance is the protection of a particular planet, which gives people certain talents. Each Planet corresponds to a day in a week, and if a baby is born, the Patron Planet presents him with a gift as a fairy godmother. As a result, the baby, born on Monday, is very different in character from the one born on Friday.

Let’s see why.


The first day of the week falls under the influence of the moon. Long since this satellite of the earth enjoyed the reputation of a magical and mysterious symbol capable of awakening supernatural possibilities in people. Accordingly, if you were born on Monday, you can successfully develop your intuition.

If you find time and read books on psychology, you will be able to discover many new and useful things, and then try to put them into practice. Luna also gave her charges a tendency to change mood and gave them a love of romantic adventures.

Those born on this day receive patronage and help from the most militant and energetic planet called Mars. This means that if you have a stagnation in affairs, then Mars will send its powerful energy impulses to help in overcoming the situation. Thanks to such support, the Martians are lucky in all undertakings — from business to personal life.

However, sometimes they themselves get tired of the desire to conquer new peaks and take time out. During a break, such people like to get new impressions and recharge adrenaline.

This day of the week is dedicated to the sociable and cheerful Mercury, the patron of commerce. In mythology, the god Mercury is known for helping earthly heroes find a way out of the most difficult situations. He is depicted with winged sandals on his feet as a sign that he is trying to help as quickly as possible. Moreover, the help from Mercury «arrives» in the form of ingenious solutions and financial support.

In life, mercurians are prone to various adventures, but they are trying to extract the maximum benefit from even the most difficult situations. In private life can be easily fond of natures, while they themselves rely on the loyalty of a partner. After 40 years, they begin to dream of a secure old age and recount a nest egg «for a rainy day.»

Since ancient times, Thursday protects Jupiter. In the Roman pantheon, Jupiter holds the position of supreme deity and symbolizes the light of day, the sky and thunderstorms. In imitation of this, those born on Thursday also seek to surround themselves with pleasures and, if possible, to break into leadership positions.

However, in addition to work, they try to diversify their lives and are able to get a lot of impressions from the most seemingly ordinary things, such as a trip to another city or meeting with friends.

Venus, the goddess of love, took under her protection those born on Friday. She gave them such qualities as the ability to fascinate people and literally fall in love with them. If you want, then no one can resist your natural magnetism.

Regardless of the features of appearance, born on Friday can look very attractive, it is worth them to pay increased attention to this aspect. In personal life, the «children of Venus» prefer turbulent emotions and are not very welcome dull gray everyday life.

Serious Saturn protects those born on Saturday. This planet gives people the desire to make useful contacts and removes trouble. Thus, you can rely on your own strength and be confident that a competent approach to business will ensure its success to the maximum.

However, this does not mean that Saturnians do not know how to have fun. On the contrary, the time spent in the same company with those born on Saturday is remembered for a long time.


The sun is patronized by those born on Sunday. It generously gave its wards optimism and the ability to enjoy simple things. If you try, you will find these qualities in yourself, even if the affairs in your life go no matter. It is necessary to make an effort — and the sunlight can change the situation beyond recognition.

For people born on this day of the week, prolonged despondency is not characteristic and they can reach real heights if all forces are thrown at the achievement of the goal. As a rule, representatives of this planet can not be called unhappy in love. They are able to become for their half a bright event and an unforgettable experience.

The strongest influence of the planets on the born babies occurs in the following hours. Mercury, Mars and Venus are as strong as possible for children born at night. The moon, Jupiter and Saturn most strongly influence in the morning, and the Sun — in the afternoon.

At other times, the zodiac signs and personal horoscope make additional adjustments to the character. We wish you success and do not forget to press the buttons and

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