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The best New Year rituals: attract money, love and luck in the year of the Yellow Dog

The best New Year rituals: attract money, love and luck in the year of the Yellow Dog

New Year is a time to make wishes and wait for their fulfillment. With the help of effective rituals you get what you want as soon as possible. Perhaps the year of the Dog will be for you the most successful.

In childhood, we believed that in the New Year any desires are fulfilled, but who said that an adult can not be considered the same? Of course, now our whims have changed a little, and instead of sweets and toys, we want to get something more. Every person dreams to gain wealth, love, happiness, and it is quite possible to achieve this. If you are thinking about changes in your life and want all your dreams to come true in the Year of the Dogs, you need to make a little effort.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru offer you to use effective New Year rituals that will help you attract money and find luck and love.

New Year’s rite for money

Even if a person lives in prosperity, he will always think about increasing his income. Hard work is good, but the New Year is a time when we want to get everything effortlessly. Your desire will undoubtedly come true if you use the simple New Year rite.

For the ritual, you will need a green church candle and the same color marker, your wallet and a white sheet of paper.

On the eve of New Year’s Eve, retire in a separate room and light a candle. The candle should be exactly green — this color symbolizes wealth. After that, take your wallet and remove from it all the money and coins.

Recount them and write the amount on the paper with a felt-tip pen. Then write next to her how much money you would like to have. After the manipulations, light a sheet with the words:

“The old year is leaving, and with it my troubles and misfortunes. Take my poverty with you, take it to the past. Let the New Year come my wealth, my luck. Let my wish be fulfilled, and in my wallet money will be added.

What amount I want, I will receive this in the new year. ”

After your sheet burned, extinguish the candle, and burn the rest immediately after the chiming clock. If your desire is really strong, then soon you will notice how your financial situation will improve.

New Year’s rite of love

To spend all the New Year holidays alone is not the best option. To meet your loved one soon after the New Year, conduct a ceremony that will attract love into your life.

For the ritual, you will need your favorite Christmas tree toy, milk chocolate and a church candle.

Fifteen minutes before the New Year, take milk chocolate and melt it with the help of the flame of a lit candle. Take the Christmas tree toy and place it so that the melting chocolate flows on it, while saying:

“Chocolate is sweet, and my love will be the same. In the New Year, I (the name) wish to fall in love and become (dear) be. As the candle burns, so does my solitude burn away.

My wish is fulfilled. ”

Christmas tree toy must be put in a place where no one will take it. Only you can touch it, otherwise it will lose power, and the ritual will not bring a positive result.

Christmas ritual for good luck

the Fire Rooster will leave us, and the Yellow Earth Dog will replace him. Probably, you already guessed which animal will bring you luck next year. Perhaps this ritual is not suitable for cat lovers, but dog lovers, using it, will be able to achieve success in the new year. If you have long dreamed of having a puppy, but for some reason have not done it yet, then it is time to realize your dream.

You will not only have the opportunity to bring a new family member to the house, but also to speak for good luck.

If you have already decided on the choice of breed of dog and finally bring the new friend home, before you enter with him beyond the threshold, say:

“Let the patroness send us happiness in the new year. Become our talisman and bring good luck to our home. ”

After that, feed the puppy and throughout his life love him and take care. If he is offended by someone from the family members on New Year’s Eve, then good luck will turn away from you.

New Year’s rite of fulfillment of desire

In the New Year, you can attract not only love, happiness and luck, but all at once. To do this, use the New Year’s rite, which will contribute to the fulfillment of any of your desires.

You need to take a sheet of paper and a red marker. A few minutes before the year, write down everything you want in the future. It is necessary to clearly describe their desires. For example, if you want a car, you must write a brand and even its color.

If you want to meet a loved one, describe his appearance and inner qualities. After you describe everything you want to get in the new year, roll up the sheet and say three times:

“In the new year all my wishes will come true. I will get everything I want. ”

Keep the sheet until all your wishes are fulfilled. After that, burn it. This rite can be held every year.

With it, your life will change for the better.

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