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The best hairstyles for the New Year: tips astrologers

The best hairstyles for the New Year: tips astrologers

Every woman wants to look dazzling, especially if she is going to attend a New Year event. In addition to the bright outfit, you should be a good hairstyle that will not leave you without attention.

On the New Year’s Eve every woman of the fair sex wants to stand out in the crowd of guests, and for this you need to think about your holiday image in advance. A necessary element of the New Year’s image is the hairstyle. Astrologers claim that using the right haircut and styling can not only give charm to their appearance, but also attract good luck.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru have prepared hairstyles for you that will help you to attract well-being in the year of the Yellow Earth Dog.

Hairstyles for long hair on New Year’s Eve

Owners of long hair, almost any hair style gives charm and extraordinary. However, women often complicate their task, preferring to make complex hairstyles with a variety of accessories.

The symbol of the year is the Yellow Earth Dog. This playful animal is not picky and appreciates simplicity in everything. Therefore, high hairstyles, fixed by a huge amount of lacquer and decorated with lots of hairpins, just do not like the new patroness.

Astrologers believe that this year it is better to give preference to large and slightly careless curls. If you wish, you can add styling accessories, but try not to overdo it, because on this New Year’s Eve you should look natural.

Astrologers and stylists speak positively about the braids, which are still popular with the fair sex. It is believed that with the help of this hairstyle, you can weave happiness into your life. The next year will be influenced by the earth element, so you can use live or artificial flowers as accessories.

If you are going to corporate and want to look formal, but festive, then you can make a bunch of curls. When fixing it, try to make sure that the hairpins are not visible. You can add a festive look to your look with moderately bright makeup.

Hairstyles for hair of medium length on New Year’s Eve

Astrologers recommend “disheveled” styling for women with such long hair. This hairstyle does not take you much time, but it will look original. If you want to shine on New Year’s Eve, then give brightness to your image with the help of coloring, and then the attention of the opposite sex is provided to you.

You can use a special washable paint and select a few strands.

You will get the approval of the Yellow Dog if you complement your image with a flower hat. Do not forget that the patron’s favorite color is yellow. However, this does not mean that your accessory should be solid.

Give preference to lighter shades and refuse flashy colors. Make it so that not only your haircut looks natural, but also clothing.

Hairstyles for short hair in the New Year’s Eve

Owners of short hair is much harder to come up with a new hairstyle. In this case, you can pay attention to staining. New Year is a time of change, so changing the image will be most welcome. Now unusual hair colors have come into fashion: ashen, blue, pale pink and ruby ​​shades.

The patroness of the year will definitely like a bright and unusual image.

If the length of your hair allows you to make a festive hairstyle, then let it be large curls, fixed by a pair of pins. Fix them on the sides and add stability with a small amount of lacquer so that your hairstyle can last until the end of the New Year’s Eve.

Lovers of the classics can smoothly put their hair on with a hairdryer or iron, and after that, parting them, brush them to the side. One of the most relevant hairstyles for short hair is still a caret. Having made such a haircut before the New Year, you will certainly attract the attention of guests.

Every year, before the onset of the New Year holidays, astrologers give us advice on how to look right in order to adequately meet a new patron. On New Year’s Eve, you must be at your best, and the New Year’s outfit will help you with this. Be confident in yourself and your abilities and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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