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The best gifts for the year of the Monkey

The best gifts for the year of the Monkey

The tradition to start the New Year with great gifts passed down from generation to generation. After all, the correctly chosen souvenir will not only please its owner, but also help to attract abundance and happiness to the house.

Each refers to the choice of presentation in a different way. Someone carefully thinks everything to the smallest detail, while others find it easier to express their sympathy in monetary terms. Year is the year of the Fire Monkey, and this animal does not like boredom and measured life.

If you want not only to please your loved ones with your attention, but also to attract good luck and love in their home, then you need to choose very carefully and immediately exclude the option of giving an envelope with bills for the best gift.

The monkey does not sit still and loves everything bright and eccentric. However, this does not mean that the subject of donation can be bought in stock stores. Such a purchase should not only be original, but at the same time preserve grace and look gorgeous.

Therefore, you need to be patient in order to find a thing that combines elegance, sophistication and originality.

The best Christmas gifts in the year of the Red Monkey

Any fashion accessories will be popular. Watches, lanyards, ties, lighters and wallets will bring promotion and financial stability to its owner.

Fine Jewelry and Jewelery (rings, earrings, pendants, hairpins, bracelets) will help their owners to improve their social status and achieve success.

Stylish figures of a monkey made of semi-precious stones can become an excellent talisman, which will be protected throughout the year from enemies and envious. Although this subject is well suited for attracting money and love. Everything will depend on the true desires of its owner.

Pocket mirrors and cufflinks help preserve health and youth. And if you feel unwell, you can simply hold the gift in your hands, and it will immediately become easier.

Elite red wines will bring wealth and abundance, and your table will always delight guests with wealth and exquisite dishes. It is better to keep alcoholic drinks received as a gift throughout the year as an amulet, and to open it with gratitude when you will be spending the year.

Fresh flowers with scarlet buds clean the house of negative energy, attract the true love and joy of life. Bright plants are also suitable for those couples who have long dreamed of children.

If you yourself decide to make such a wonderful gift, then its magical properties will be much weaker. However, do not despair and think that luck will pass you by. The universe sees everything.

Handing a gift with good intentions, you send good to yourself, and it will return to you multiplied several times. Give your loved ones only the best, meet the Year of the Fire Monkey in a noisy company and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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