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Tatyana’s Day, January 25: Holiday History

Tatyana’s Day, January 25: Holiday History

Tatiana’s Day is a widely known and beloved holiday. This is not surprising, because it is both ecclesiastical and secular. For a long time of its existence, a lot of interesting traditions have appeared, some of which are observed now.

The day of veneration of the holy Great Martyr Tatiana is also a holiday of students. This happened because it was on this date that the decree on the opening of Moscow University was signed. Since then, St. Tatiana is considered the patroness of knowledge and all students.

history of the holiday

First of all, Tatiana’s Day is a Christian holiday dedicated to the veneration of Tatiana of Rome. The thorny life of the saint is an example of perseverance and sincere faith.

Saint Tatiana was born in a well-to-do family, but since childhood she was indifferent to material goods and was striving towards the spiritual side of life. Even in her youth, she decided to devote herself to serving God. Virgo took a vow of chastity and led a solitary and righteous life, for which she was awarded the title of deaconess.

However, Rome in those days was breaking religious contradictions: belief in idols coexisted with Christianity. During the persecutions of Christians, Tatiana was captured by pagans. The Gentiles tried to force her to pay homage to their gods, but the saint was strong in her faith.

The power of her prayers destroyed the pagan temple to the ground.

Tatiana suffered a lot of severe torture, but they did not break her will: thanks to help from beyond deadly wounds healed. After much agony, Tatyana was beheaded. For the great feat of her canonized saints, and the day of her memory is celebrated annually on January 25.

And on January 25, 1755, Empress Elizabeth signed a decree on opening a university in Moscow. From this very day, the veneration by the church of the holy martyr Tatiana coincided with the celebration of the opening of the university. After a while, Tatiana’s day was also called the Day of the student, and the saint was revered as an assistant and protector of the students.

Tatyana’s day has always been widely celebrated by students. On January 25, festive events, concerts and friendly gatherings were held. Many traditions and signs associated with the holiday are observed to this day.

In 2005, the holiday was made official, and now it is called the “Day of Russian Students”.

January 25 is to pray for enlightenment and help in teaching. This is important not only for students, but also for each person — after all, popular wisdom has long noticed that it is necessary to learn all my life. We wish you good luck and prosperity, and do not forget to press buttons and

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