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Tatiana’s Day, January 25

Tatyana’s day, January 25th

Tatiana’s Day is a popular and Orthodox religious holiday, celebrated on January 25th. This date has a special meaning for all citizens of our country.

Without a doubt, this is an important day, which is also called the Day of the student. He received such a status and name only in 2005, although the holiday itself has ancient roots that carry us to the times of the martyr Tatiana of Rome, in the second and third centuries of our era. Respect the holy attendance of the liturgy in the temples and reading prayers.

Religious feast of St. Tatiana

January 25 is the day of memory of the great feat of St. Tatiana, who was born in a rich and distinguished family. The girl fully devoted herself to serving God, retaining her chastity and deciding to carry the word of God to the masses. Her sermons and help to people did not like the pagans, who soon found her and led her to the statue of Apollo, so that she would renounce her faith and bow down before the idol.

Contrary to their expectations, she began to pray to Christ, after which an earthquake occurred, and the statue of a pagan god collapsed. Since this was a bright event, eyewitnesses even describe how the devil who lived in the idol left his material body and ran away with fear.

After that, Tatiana was tortured many times, but her prayers saved her again and again: there was no trace of mortal wounds. She was thrown at the mercy of a lion, but the angels took the danger and the predator did not touch the saint. After much torture, Tatiana and her father were executed.

It was one of the first martyrs in early Christianity, which is still revered, not only by Orthodox Christians, but also by Catholics. Until 1755, Tatiana of Rome was not often remembered, but Empress Elizabeth made the festival annual.

On this day, it is customary to pray for success in school, for the health of loved ones. There are many signs and traditions on Tatiana’s Day, which will be relevant on January 25 of the year:

  • trips to visit relatives and friends;
  • fun and gift exchange;
  • help senior.

It is said that on Tatyana’s day you can predict the weather for the summer — if the bright Sun is frosty and shining on a holiday, then the summer will be warm, favorable and moderately rainy. On January 25, they also wondered about the fate of the children who were born on this day: it was believed that if a girl was born on the feast of Tatiana of Rome, she should become a good housekeeper in the future.

Student day of the year

The student’s day has been celebrated since 2005, although the beginning was made in 1755, when the construction of the Moscow State University was established. The Moscow State University was built under Elizabeth Petrovna, who made Tatiana’s holiday annual. It was a holy day, as well as the birthday of MSU.

The university even has a chapel for prayers for study — the home church of the Great Martyr Tatiana.

After student’s day began to be celebrated on January 25, nobody forgot what served as the beginning of this holiday. Every believer student should know about St. Tatiana, who along with Sergius of Radonezh, Cyril and Methodius is the spiritual patron and mentor of all students.

It is said that students will have more chances to pass a difficult exam, if it falls on January 25 of the year. Try to less believe in signs and more to believe in yourself, because only your own positive and prayers can help you get a positive assessment, pass the test and make significant progress in teaching.

Remember that Tatiana’s Day is a unique date combining the traditions of the church and the traditions of the people. Let not only this day, but in any other luck in your studies be with you. Be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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