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Tatiana’s Day: a national and church holiday

Tatiana’s Day: a national and church holiday

Tatiana’s Day is a fairly well-known holiday, not only popular, but also Christian, ecclesiastical. It is of great historical importance, as well as ancient spiritual sources, which through time passed into the modern world.

Tatiana’s Day — a church holiday

First of all, Tatiana’s Day is a Christian holiday, which is celebrated by all Orthodox believers. Its other name is Tatyana Kreschenskaya or Tatyana Rimskaya. Tatyana of Rome is also revered by the Catholic Church.

The story of the Great Martyr says that she was born in a rich believing family. She strongly believed in God, took a vow of chastity, for which she was even awarded the title of deaconess. When the persecution of Christians reached a peak, it was seized by pagans and they wanted to make them pray to their god, but Tatyana of Rome read a prayer that caused an earthquake that destroyed the pagan temple.

After that, the martyr was tortured for a long time, but the traces of injuries disappeared again and again. She was also thrown into a dungeon, locked in the same cell with a lion, but these attempts to kill her were not successful. As a result, Tatiana and her father were executed, cutting off their heads.

For her torment, Tatyana was canonized. Tatyana’s day in the Christian calendar is celebrated on January 25th. By tradition, prayers are recited in all temples.

At home, people also pray, asking Tatyana to give them happiness and patience, as well as success in school.

Tatiana’s Day — a national holiday

The 25th of January 1755 Empress Elizabeth signed a decree on the establishment of the Moscow State University. Almost always, this day was considered simply the birthday of the university, but since 2005 January 25 is the All-Russian student day. In one of the premises of Moscow State University there is even a church dedicated to the Holy Great Martyr Tatiana.

January 25, all students celebrate this important day for them. They walk, relax, organize concerts and celebrations. Many traditions are associated with this day, will take and rites. According to many students, on this day you can catch luck for the exams.

There is an interesting custom — to go to the balcony with a record book in your hand and to invite luck with the phrase: “Freebie, come”. If someone shouts from the street in response, «already on the way,» it will be a good sign.

This day has two beginnings, which are not related to each other historically, but which were subsequently merged into one day. This is a bright Orthodox holiday and a holiday of knowledge, a holiday of students. Therefore, on January 25, people go to church, asking God to give them including knowledge, as well as patience and diligence in their studies. We wish you good luck on this holiday, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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