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Summer Solstice June 21

Summer Solstice Day June 21

The summer solstice is an important astronomical phenomenon, which has a special energy. There is a belief that this day cherished dreams are fulfilled, the main thing is to make them right.

In the morning of June 21, at 7 o’clock 24 minutes the summer solstice will come. At this time, the solar disk literally freezes over the earth and penetrates into the darkest places, illuminating them with its light. From an astronomical point of view, this is a rather dangerous period.

When the energetic influence of the Sun reaches its peak, its impact can take a detrimental turn. However, this will not affect people who are able to deal with negative energy attacks.

Time is imbued with ancient traditions, customs and magic. Previously, the longest day was celebrated in a big way: it coincided with the celebration of the day of Ivan Kupala. Currently, Ivana Kupala is celebrated on another date.

However, in some European countries, the summer solstice is considered a national holiday and is a holiday.

The magic of the summer solstice

Our ancestors believed that during the period of the solstice it was possible to get powerful help from the Higher Forces, fulfill the most secret desires, change fate and find longevity.

During all the Slavic holidays, people assigned a special place to the healing and magical properties of plants. On the longest day, the cult acquired a fern. It was believed that the gentle sun rays help this plant to gain color and powerful force. To search for him was a dangerous occupation for the brave ones.

According to legend, the spirits of the forest reliably hid and guarded the fern in the hopeless thick. Dark power could overtake anyone who dared to pick a flower, and take it away with the gift of speech. However, with the adoption of Christianity, the tradition of searching for ferns was transferred to the holiday of Ivan Kupala.

According to legends, bathing on the day of the solstice could heal a person and enrich the Sun with energy. The magical power of water grows noticeably at the moment of the delay of the day star in the firmament and is valid until noon of the next day.

Ritual actions during this period helped our ancestors to look into the future and channel powerful forces to their advantage. Spicy herbs were the subject of divination. Mint and thyme collected at the beginning of the day were smoked under the light of the sun. At night, people made fires and threw grass into the fire.

If the smoke was spreading on the ground, a person was in trouble, and if the tubers of the rearing flew upwards, it was a sign of happiness, prosperity and prosperity. Also, the smell of burnt grass scared off evil spirits, which, according to legends, walked around.

Solstice — the period of weddings. Our ancestors believed that solar power would help protect the family union from infidelity, betrayal and grief. astrologers agree with this custom.

Finding the Sun on June 21 in the constellation of Cancer will bring happiness, love and understanding to all who decide to hold their bonds, because this Zodiac sign symbolizes family, care and devotion.

On the night of the summer solstice, young people decided to jump over the fire. It was believed that such a ritual protects against adversity, disease and dark forces.

Signs on the day of the summer solstice

In the period when the line between the worlds is thinning, it is important to be careful. This will help you signs:

  • the healing power is possessed by the water gathered at sunrise;
  • the girl who danced at three fires, this year will certainly marry;
  • A bouquet of medicinal plants collected on the day of the summer solstice, be sure to hang at home to scare away evil power, evil, and disease;
  • rain is the sign of God’s wrath;
  • Nettle will help protect your home from the bad influence, which should be put on the doorstep;
  • collected dew will help heal children from disease and disobedience;
  • those born on the day of the summer solstice possess magical powers and the gift of healing;
  • for the family to be strong and the children healthy, the husband and wife must jump over the fire together;
  • coals from fires will protect from thieves and fires.

At the present time, pagan holidays are losing their characteristics and original appearance. However, this does not make the summer solstice less significant. June 21 do not forget to make a wish, looking at the sky.

The energetic forces of the beginning of an astronomical summer are incredibly high and can speed up the process of making your dreams come true. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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