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St. Patrick’s Day March 17

St. Patrick’s Day March 17

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. The day of his memory has long become international: on March 17, people around the world glorify the saint and pay tribute to classical Irish culture.

The story of the feast of St. Patrick begins with the adoption of Christianity by Ireland. According to legend, it was Patrick who brought Christianity to the originally pagan land, and at the same time saved the Irish from poisonous snakes. It is believed that on the day of the memory of the saint, one can ask for oneself optimism, an easy life and joy, as well as radically change one’s Fate.

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Traditionally it is customary to celebrate the day of the memory of the saint on March 17: on this day, there are noisy parades, parties and competitions. The traditional color of the holiday is green, and the symbol of St. Patrick has long been a clover leaf.

Despite the fact that the church also honors St. Patrick and arranges an annual morning service, the roots of the celebration still remain pagan-folklore: for example, leprechauns, keepers of wealth and prosperity, are an integral part of the holiday. It is believed that with their help you can attract well-being into your life and strengthen the financial flow.

Green is the main color of this day: it personifies the good, the power of nature and the renewal brought by St. Patrick. It is known that Patrick was not born in Ireland, but in Wales, but when he was 6 years old he was abducted by pirates, wandered a lot, and eventually ended up in Ireland, where he was a Christian missionary before his death.

Saint Patrick not only accomplished many good deeds, but also remained a merry fellow and a good-natured person telling about the travels and beauty of the surrounding world until the end of his life. That is why the holiday on March 17 is primarily devoted to travelers, «wanderers» and adventure seekers telling about their exciting life.

On this day, you can:

  • conduct ceremonies for money and financial success;
  • open your home to a noisy group of friends;
  • yourself to go on a visit or a small trip;
  • have fun and get joy from life.

From this year, the Russian Orthodox Church also canonized St. Patrick. Memorial Day is scheduled for March 30th. We wish you happiness, joy and only good mood. Smile often and don’t forget to press buttons and

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