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St.Patrick ‘s Day

St.Patrick ‘s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is the national holiday of Ireland, but nowadays it is celebrated by practically all Western countries. According to the old belief, it was Saint Patrick who brought the Christian faith to the Emerald Island, although some historians hold the opinion that Christianity already existed there. In our time, it is customary to perceive St. Patrick rather as a collective image, since he is the character of most Irish legends and fairy tales.

How did the day of St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated on March 17th. Almost all European capitals will host grand events and festivals dedicated to this holiday. Let’s find out on the basis of what ancient legend the idea of ​​this event originated.

So, in those days, when the Roman Empire was in charge of everything in Britain, a boy was born into one family, named Mevin Sukkat. Mavin’s father was a priest in the local church and professed paganism, but the boy from childhood considered the only correct belief in one God. At the age of 16, Mavin was captured by pirates and, according to belief, it was God, in gratitude for his faith, who showed him how to escape from captivity.

According to another legend, Saint Patrick became a national hero because he expelled all snakes and demons from Ireland. And what is especially remarkable, snakes do not really live in this country. The most famous symbol of this holiday is the clover leaf, on which, as is commonly believed, St. Patrick explained to the pagans the dogma of the Holy Trinity.

For this, God promised the saint that Ireland would go to the bottom of the ocean exactly 7 years before the end of the world, which would allow it to avoid the sorrow and disappointments that were prepared for all people.

The Irish began to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day only in the 10th century, turning the legend into a national holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions

According to tradition, on St. Patrick’s Day everyone should drink at least one glass of liquor at a local pub. There is even such a definition as “Patrick’s cup” among the native Irish — this is the unit of measurement for whiskey being drunk or ale. What is remarkable, before draining the glass, on its bottom should be put a piece of trefoil, and after it should be thrown back over the left shoulder.

It is believed that in this way a person will attract money luck for the whole year.

In addition to the trefoil, leprechauns are considered one of the most popular symbols of this holiday. Leprechauns are tiny fairy-tale creatures that are the keepers of treasures and secrets of well-being. If you believe the old legend, it is on the day of St. Patrick that leprechauns become visible and can be caught.

And if you caught a leprechaun, he will surely give you a secret where the pots of gold are hidden.

According to tradition, special dishes are prepared on St. Patrick’s Day. Since this holiday falls at the time of Lent, the Irish decided to take the opportunity and began to believe that at this time St. Patrick turns all the meat into fish. Traditional dishes of this event are considered to be cabbage, baked with bacon or corned beef.

But as a drink on this day, preference should be given to beer.

And so that you are lucky on March 17 to catch your leprechaun, and with it your monetary luck, do not forget to press the buttons and

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