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St. Nicholas the Summer: Nicholas the Wonderworker’s Memorial Day May 22

St. Nicholas the Summer: Nicholas the Wonderworker’s Day of May 22

Nicholas the Wonderworker who is close to God is truly considered his favorite. Saint Nicholas patronizes children, merchants, lovers, soldiers and is the protector of all people. The righteous life of the saint bestowed upon him high dignity, a pure heart, and adoration among the people.

Annually the day of memory of St. Nicholas is celebrated on May 22. This is due to the transfer of his relics from Greece to Italy, in the city of Bari. The saint of God lived a righteous life and helped many people, especially those who were fortunate. He was getting up on his feet, it seemed incurable, he had guided the true soul of every lost soul, struggled with paganism, courageously resisted every ignorance, helped to find happiness, love, success and wealth.

The prayers addressed to the mediator between God and people on the day of his memory are most effective and can fulfill any of your desires.

The life of Nicholas the Pleasant

From an early age, the saint was an adherent of the Christian religion: a little boy attended every liturgy and studied the Holy Scriptures. In his adolescence, Nicholas received the priesthood and unconditionally gave his life to serving the Lord. All the parishioners admired his work, for the Slayer had compassion, compassion, openness, sympathy and love for all people. No one left the church without the advice and help of Nicholas: he stretched out his hand to every stumbled and lost person.

The inheritance that he received close to God after the death of his parents, he immediately distributed to the needs of people, thereby earning even more love and respect among Christians.

Nikolay spent maturity on a pilgrimage: he visited all the places where the Savior’s foot had previously trod. Upon returning to his homeland, he was greeted with good news: The priest was informed that he had received the rank of bishop. Having accepted the new position, the Prelate did not change his habits, remaining the same modest, meek, kind and sympathetic person. For his long life and services to the Lord and people in the people, he was nicknamed the Miracle Maker.

According to history, Nicholas really helped every needy, sick and weak. There were cases that Nicholas resurrected the dead and departed from the life of others or the evil fate.

How to meet the memory day of St. Nicholas

For the next year to bring only joy and prosperity, it is necessary to spend the day in prayers to the Holy Ogil of well-being, the health of loved ones and loved ones, the protection of the home and the increase of material wealth. It is necessary on the day of memory to do useful things, help people and work hard.

The priests urge to pray for all that is required to your soul. If the words are sincere, filled with faith and come from the heart, then God and Nicholas the Wonderworker will certainly help you.

During the festival of Nicholas Summer, our ancestors began sowing cultivated plants: it was thought that planting after May 22 was pointless, and one should not expect a rich harvest.

Early in the morning you need to take a bath or go to the bath. Having put on everything pure, it is necessary to start general cleaning of the house. After a busy day, all family members must meet at the holiday table.

You can eat everything that God has sent to you, as long as it is cooked with love and pure thoughts.

But to indulge in unkind thoughts and desires on this day is considered a mortal sin. You can not be lazy: spending the entire holiday without work, you risk being left without money for the whole year. A refusal to help a person in need will doom to a series of failures.

St. Nicholas is the protector of children, so you should prepare small gifts for young family members. If possible, help the orphans and donate money to charity. This will attract good luck and increase in the future all your given money several times.

Drunkenness and rowdyness is extremely forbidden on this holy holiday. Nicholas the Wonderworker will turn his back on people who quarrel, quarrel, scandal on the day of his memory.

Traditions at Nicola Summer

Since Nicholas is the protector of personal happiness, many lonely people attract love into their lives through conspiracies, rituals and prayers. It should be done at dawn: at this time, Nikolai Ugodnik listens to every request and helps to find a loved one, with whom you share all the burden of life.

In Russia, it was taken on the night of May 21–22 to drive out cattle, namely, horses and sheep, on pastures. It was a grand spectacle, even to this day in some villages a similar tradition has been preserved. The saint protects these sacred animals and helps them cure themselves of all diseases and grow stronger in order to bring great wealth to the owners. A huge feast for the shepherds was organized in the evening: bonfires were kindled in the fields, and the inhabitants went out to look at the nighttime walking of cattle.

At night, a big party began with songs and dances, where lonely people could look after their soul mate. This time was considered for young people to enter adult life, and parents did not seek to control the ardent actions of their children.

In order for the harvest to be rich and the soil fertile, you should go out in the morning to a field or a vegetable garden and read the prayer to Nikolai the Benefactor, ask for protection and multiplication of the dishes that grow on your land. If you do not have your own plot, you can simply ask the Prelate for help in money and a comfortable life.

Nikola Summer is very honored in Russia: he is loved by both adults and children. This holiday symbolizes the end of spring and the beginning of a hot summer. It is necessary to spend this day correctly in order to enlist the support of Nicholas the Wonderworker.

If you follow all the rules, he will become your intercessor and fulfill any desires. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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