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St. Nicholas Day May 22 (Nicola Summer)

Day of St. Nicholas May 22, the year (Nicola Summer)

May 22 is celebrated the day of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. In the people this holiday is called Nikola Summer.

Two days of commemoration are given to St. Nicholas in the Orthodox holiday calendar — December 19 and May 22. (Nikola Winter and Nikola Summer). If in December, believers commemorate the day of the Wonderworker’s death, then May Day of Remembrance is associated with the transfer of his relics.

There is a legend that explains why in the church calendar St. Nicholas is given two whole days of commemoration. They were walking somehow Saint Kasyan and Nicholas the Wonderworker, they saw a peasant who was trying to pull the cart out of the mud. Kasyan passed by — did not want to get dirty, and Nikolai helped the peasant.

God found out about this and put two holidays to Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most revered and beloved saints in the Orthodox world. Prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker had a special power. He decided to pray for help, intercession, marriage, and good luck on the road.

Saint Nicholas, during his lifetime, was known for his miracles and good deeds. Despite the respect for his people, he remained humble and meek and served God all his life. In the name of his built a large number of temples around the world.

His icons exude the miraculous world, and the prayers addressed to him have a result.

Signs, traditions and customs on Nikolaya Summer

Nicholas the Wonderworker has always been considered the closest to God saints. By accepting, prayers on this day have great power.

    Beginning May 22, the benefits of horses began, as well as the planting of potatoes and buckwheat, starting with Nikola Summer. Sheep were shorn that day.

  • Rain on Nicola Summer — fortunately and a rich harvest. They said about this day: «Great is the mercy of God, if it rains on Nikolin’s day.»
  • If the frogs ferment on Nikol, the harvest will be good.
  • Predletye began from Nikolai Day (from May 22 to June 10). At this time there could be rains and thunderstorms. A good sign was considered to be wet weather at this time — “The rain in May raises bread.”

On this day, good luck for the whole year will bring any good deeds. Hurry to do good and do not forget to press the buttons and

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