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St. George’s Day, May 6

St. George’s Day, May 6

Every year on May 6, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of St. George the Victorious. His heroic feat, accomplished during his lifetime, is important for the Christian faith. At the moment, his image can still be seen in the center of the coat of arms of the Russian Federation.

St. George the Victorious gained such popularity due to his accomplishment and unshakable faith in the Lord. Annually, the day of memory and veneration of the hero is celebrated on May 6, and this tradition remains unchanged. Currently, there are many prayers with which you can turn to the great martyr, and the image of his feat can still be seen on the arms and coins.

Life of St. George the Victorious

George the Victorious was born into a rich and deeply religious family. Thanks to this, George learned faith in God from his very childhood, which undoubtedly affected his future and helped him overcome the difficult obstacles he had to face in his life path. Bravery, courage, intelligence and beauty were the main, but not the only virtues of the great martyr.

They helped him to find a vocation in the military, where he soon succeeded in succeeding.

Thanks to his heroic deeds, George the Victorious quickly became one of the favorites of the Roman emperor Diocletian. However, their views on faith strongly diverged, which was the cause of a serious conflict. The emperor was known not only as a talented ruler, but also as an ardent supporter of the Roman pagan gods. The verdict on the extermination of Christians could not leave indifferent George the Victorious.

Having learned of the intention to conduct a brutal trial over believers, he went to the emperor and, declaring himself a believer, accused the ruler of cruelty.

Despite his respect for George, the emperor showed cruelty and ordered to torture the hero until he renounced the faith. The torture of the great martyr continued for several days, but the expectations of the ruler were unsuccessful. Realizing that George was adamant in the faith in the Lord, Diocletian ordered him to cut off his head.

So ended the life of the sufferer, but his act still has great significance for Christianity and the believers.

St. George’s Day

St. George’s Day, as usual, is celebrated on May 6th. The Orthodox Church honors the hero as the protector of the Russian land. His unshakable faith in God can be an example for believers.

Thanks to his devotion to his faith, he was able to defeat the atheists, and even intolerable suffering did not make him give up Christianity.

Every year, on May 6, believers will be able to visit the temple, attend the service and offer prayers to St. George. On this day, it is not recommended to be sad and indulge in negative memories. It is customary to invite guests into your home, to prepare treats.

As in any other Orthodox event, on the day of St. George the Victorious, you can turn to the Higher Forces for help by praying in the temple or at home.

Every religious event is important for believers. On such days, one should not only offer prayers to the Lord and the saints, but also observe traditions and customs. St. George’s Day is not the only holiday this month.

You can learn about what events the Orthodox should mark in May from the monthly church calendar. We wish you happiness and success in everything and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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