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Spirits day: signs, traditions and rituals

Spirits day: signs, traditions and rituals

Spirit Day — an important Orthodox event. This holiday was celebrated for many centuries ago, therefore it includes many signs, traditions and rituals.

According to the Orthodox calendar of holidays, Spirits Day, or, in other words, the Day of the Holy Spirit, is celebrated on the 51st day of Easter. It falls on May 28th.

For the most part, all rites and traditions came to us from paganism. After many centuries, they merged with Christian traditions, therefore, to this day are an integral part of the holiday. It is believed that people who observe all the traditions and customs of the Spirits of the day, find happiness and well-being in life.

Folk rites and traditions

According to custom, this day should bow down to the ground. In the past, people got up early in the morning to press their heads to the ground and hear about the future, about the secrets of earth and heaven.

On the Day of the Spirit you should go to the temple at the service and pray earnestly. After the service, Christians go to the cemetery and decorate the grave with birch twigs. Also, people leave various treats and sweets at the cemetery in order to pay homage to the dead, and read memorial prayers for the rest of the soul.

On the Spirits of the day, many people go to a forest or field to pick herbs and plants that on this day acquire special healing properties. Plants gathered on this special day can help to heal from the most serious diseases of the soul and body, as well as to find happiness and fill life with love and well-being.

In paganism, there was a tradition to conduct rituals to scare away evil spirits and evil spirits. Women took all the accumulated unwanted clothes and hung them on trees in the woods. Children were strictly forbidden to approach the sources with water so that the mermaids could not drag them away after themselves.

Men, in turn, burned grass in the courtyard so that evil forces could not approach the house.

Also, women went to the field with pre-cooked treats, laid out food in the meadows and performed a ritual, feeding the Earth. They scattered bread crumbs across the field, giving thanks to Mother Earth for her riches and generous gifts.

On this day all the wells are sanctified, they are cleaned of dirt.

Signs on the Spirit Day

  • Many centuries ago, people believed that if you look at your reflection in a pond, you cannot escape misfortune in love.
  • If it rains on Spirits Day, expect another month of torrential rains.
  • Work on this day is prohibited, especially in gardens, vegetable gardens and arable land.
  • To protect against evil spirits on this day, be sure to carry garlic or onions.
  • Running on this holiday is also not worth it, because you can run away from your own happiness.
  • Young girls make wreaths and let them in the water. If the wreath sinks, it means that misfortune is expected, if it floats to the other shore — a happy marriage is not far off, and if it drifts away into the distance, then the girl’s life will be long, happy and full of love.

These signs and rituals will help you protect yourself from misfortunes and misfortunes, fill your life with happiness and joy, and also enlist the support and protection of the Higher Forces for yourself and your loved ones. We wish you a happy life, good luck and family well-being, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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