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Spirits day May 28

Spirits day May 28th year

In May, we will celebrate many of the most important religious events, and one of them is the Day of the Holy Spirit. The holiday has a special meaning and since ancient times is revered by Orthodox believers.

The Day of the Holy Spirit is a special holiday in the church calendar, which we will celebrate on May 28. Once, on this very day, the disciples of the Son of God had the opportunity to witness the real miracle that the Master had warned them about. About three o’clock in the afternoon, the apostles heard a loud noise in the sky, similar to the storming of a storm.

Suddenly they saw the Holy Spirit surrounded by hundreds of fiery rays. From this point on, the disciples began to speak in different languages, thanks to which they were able to communicate the word of God to other people. Since then, it is believed that on this day the birth of the Christian church took place.

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Holy Spirit Day

Like most religious holidays, the Day of the Holy Spirit in Orthodoxy has pagan roots. In Russia, the name day of the land was celebrated at that time, and in this connection, any agricultural work was banned.

On this day, liturgy will be held in temples dedicated to the great feast. It is believed that it is at this time that the Holy Spirit descends from heaven and does not disregard a single believer, which means that any prayer requests can be heard.

In the Spirits of the Day in many temples, figurines of doves are hung above the icons as a symbol of the descent of the Holy Spirit.

According to one tradition, after a visit to the temple, it is customary to go to the cemetery and commemorate the departed. On the eve of the holiday prayers are offered in churches for the rest of the departed souls. In addition, anyone can order a prayer or a fortune for their deceased loved ones.

In Russia, in the Spirits of the Day, young girls performed rituals and guessed on their betrothed with wreaths of flowers and other plants. For fortune telling most often used birch branches, from which the girl wove a wreath, and then went to the river and let him adrift. If the wreath sinks, it means that in the next year the girl will not marry.

Will remain afloat — soon she will find family happiness.

According to one tradition, after visiting the temple, the whole family should gather at a table at which various dishes must be present. As a rule, cakes, pancakes, loaves and any other pastries were served as treats.

For all the time of its existence, the holiday has absorbed many folk and church traditions. Some of the remain relevant even in a timely world. In order for the year to be successful, you must collect herbs and flowers on the Spirits of the Day and place them in every corner of your house.

According to beliefs, on this day the plants have healing and protective properties, which means that throughout the year your loved ones will be protected from diseases, misfortunes and troubles.

Reading prayers is the main tradition of every religious festival. On this day you will be able to turn to the Holy Spirit with any requests, and a strong prayer will help you in this. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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