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Spirits day June 5

Spirits day June 5th year

Spirit Day — a holiday imbued with deep meaning and very revered among Orthodox believers. In ancient times it was believed that on this day you can get luck.

On this holiday in the churches there is a service with the reading of prayers to the Holy Spirit, who are able to deliver from sins and send every lost soul to the true path. The Spirits of the Day is actually a continuation of the Trinity. it will be celebrated on June 5th.

Despite the fact that the holiday is celebrated by all Orthodox people, it is imbued with various superstitions, which originate from ancient times.

history of the holiday

According to the New Testament, on the fiftieth day the Holy Spirit descended on the tongues of flame to the disciples of Christ. He filled each apostle with mighty power, inhuman abilities, and the mercy of the Lord. Among the people, great importance is attached to the fact that the devotees of the Savior received the opportunity to understand all languages ​​as a reward for their righteous life.

So the word of God spread throughout the whole world, and people recognized the Lord by accepting faith and eternal life as a gift.

Every year the holiday is celebrated the day after the Trinity. The celebration always takes place on Monday, 51 days after the Bright Resurrection of Christ. Catholics meet the Holy Trinity and Spirits day together, considering it as one event.

In Orthodoxy, the veneration of the Holy Spirit is set aside a separate day.

Orthodox traditions

In the churches, service begins in the morning with the reading of the prayers to the Holy Spirit. According to the priests, on this day you can pray for the forgiveness of sins and commemorate the departed.

In the Spirits of the day, it is imperative to assist the weak and suffering people. Distribute a portion of food to the needs of people and do not refuse support to anyone — for this you will be given the mercy of the Lord. It is considered how much you will give on this holiday — and you will get so much when difficult times come.

Many people collect herbs that have the ability to heal wounds and get rid of the disease. According to legend, the earth and everything that grows on it, on this day, is sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Fasting and food restrictions are not, therefore, the hostess set the table with a variety of dishes. You can eat heavy and high-calorie foods. Be sure to pray for all the food that the Lord sent you.

There is a tradition on the Spirits of the day to throw coins into the well — according to belief, this can attract prosperity and prosperity. Many people also wash with well water, which is consecrated in the church. It is believed that this way you can wash off the evil influence, sins, sickness and unhappiness.

Customs and traditions in Spirits Day

In pagan times, it was on the day of celebration, which we today call the Day of the Holy Spirit, our ancestors celebrated the name of the earth. The mother-nurse, who gave people a harvest, was very honored. At this time it was impossible to disturb the earth, dig and loosen the soil.

It was believed that this could cause irreparable harm to the new crop.

Birch was the main attribute of the holiday. To this day, one can observe how temples are transformed on the eve of the Trinity. Birch twigs decorate all the walls, and the floor is covered with mowed grass and foliage of birch.

It used to be that in the thick of birch leaves the souls of the deceased, who had not yet gone to heaven, found refuge for themselves.

It used to be that the Spirits of the day — the time of evil. According to legends, on the night of the holiday, mermaids, wood goblins and mawki left their secret places and wandered around the area. It was believed that the place where the mermaid’s foot stepped overgrown with thick and tall grass.

Brave people for fun loved to drive the inhabitants of forests and reservoirs. But such a pastime was considered dangerous: mermaids could drag a person to their place under the water, and lesshi could lead them into a deep thicket. Therefore, boys and girls were armed with birch branches, which frightened off the dark force.

In the morning it was necessary to wash well or running water and clean your house. Water could heal and remove any ailment, and cleanliness served as a good sign if a lost soul suddenly wanders.

Holy Trinity Monastery is imbued with the traditions of the Russian people, which are closely intertwined with Orthodoxy. If you are unable to visit the church and put candles for deceased relatives, you can read the prayers at home. In order for them to live easily, and for the soul to find its way to heaven, it is necessary to send powerful words to help them. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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