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Spirits day June 20

Spirits day June 20

Spirits day is the beginning of the week of the week and the time when the dead are among the living. So thought our ancestors. This holiday is actually a continuation of the Trinity and the beginning of a rusal week.

Whit Monday

Spirits day is celebrated immediately after the feast of the Trinity and is a transitional holiday. It always falls on Mondays and even in some countries is a day off. Those who profess Catholicism also call it the Monday of the Holy Spirit.

Spirits Day is celebrated on June 20. To make the holiday more useful for the soul, read the prayer to the Holy Spirit: today it is more relevant than ever.

Slavic traditions and beliefs

The Eastern Slavs had a belief that the Earth turns out to be a birthday girl on such a date, since she was created on that day. Named Earth — an old folk festival.

It was believed that what is the weather on this day, so it will last until the end of the summer, that is, the remaining 6 weeks. In some places, there was even a rite, which was performed, mostly by married older women. They went to the field and made a kind of feast.

From time to time the meal was stopped and a portion of the food was taken, which was “fed” to the Earth with songs. They gently sprinkled it with earth and sentenced: «Earth is a birthday, give a good harvest!»

On this day, as our ancestors believed, mermaids went for a walk in the fields. And on this day the water maidens did not cause any harm: they irrigated the land and promoted a good harvest.

The beliefs of the Spiritual Day are connected not only with the Earth. They also remembered the souls of the departed. It was believed that they sit on the branches of the birch trees, which they put on the shrine or stuck in the windows. As on the Trinity and many days close to this holiday, the main beliefs are not connected with anything, but with the dead and otherworldly evil forces.

They believed that the Spiritual Day of evil is most afraid.

Especially on this day acquired herbs. Girls guessed wreaths, letting them into the water. If the wreath was sinking, then be in trouble, and if it was floating, then happiness would come.

Women collected healing plants. It was believed that they would be faster and more efficiently treated for diseases. For example, you can collect herbs for the famous monastic collection.

In some regions of Russia there was a peculiar rite. Women went to the sanctified spring or well. They threw a coin in there and then prayed.

This water could wash and cleanse themselves from sins.

Signs on the Spirits Day

It was forbidden to drip and cultivate the land in every way, because it seemed to be “harboring” the crop in itself, and it could have been harmed. If, however, harm the Earth, as a result, you can lose all the fruits of their fieldwork.

On this day, the Earth, as it were, revealed its secrets and, leaning its ear to it, one could hear where the treasure was buried. This secret was revealed to few: for this it was not enough just to pray to the Holy Spirit on that day. Only the righteous could hear the voice of the earth.

Spirits Day in paganism and orthodoxy

The traditions of Orthodoxy and paganism intertwined in so many holidays. However, it is necessary to distinguish between two completely different approaches to this day. After all, Orthodoxy and paganism are incompatible in their essence, and it is a sinful sin for a believing Christian to follow pagan rites and beliefs.

In the folk and almost completely pagan tradition of the Spirits, the Day is the beginning of the Rusal week, which is central to a large cycle of spring-summer holidays. It is believed that the souls of ancestors dwell with people on earth until this time. For this reason, the commemoration of deceased relatives was common.

The funeral ceremony of Kostroma was also carried out — a straw effigy, which was dismantled and stoked as a result.

In Christianity, on this day all the saints are revered — even those who have not been canonized. Interestingly, Catholicism celebrates not a week, but a day of all saints, on November 1, immediately after Halloween.

Trinity Monday is close to another important holiday, the summer solstice, which is also of great importance in most European cultures. All the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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