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Solar eclipse August 21: the danger of this day

Solar eclipse August 21: the danger of this day

A solar eclipse is a strong astronomical phenomenon, carrying in itself a tremendous energy. This time can be used to improve your own life.

Since ancient times, both solar and lunar eclipses have been considered a time of force. These periods are filled with powerful energy, the presence of the Signs of the Universe, which the practitioners decoded and got the opportunity to change the Fate, as well as to gain strength to overcome life’s difficulties. Now everyone can use the power of natural phenomena.

Recommendations collected by experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will help to avoid trouble on this day.

What is dangerous solar eclipse

Energy flows during a solar eclipse promote the exchange of energy between people, so loneliness during this period is extremely dangerous. It contributes to the outflow of energy, and without replenishing your biofield becomes weak and ceases to give you protection from external negative. Loneliness can provoke a deterioration of health, and mood swings.

A solar eclipse is a time when it is necessary to finish any business and processes. The beginning of a new one can provoke a series of failures that will take away your strength and nullify all the results of hard and painstaking work. Astrologers and esotericists advise to save their own energy during a solar eclipse in order to eliminate the breakdown of strength at the end of the day.

Danger can also lie in wait for you, so three days before and after a solar eclipse try to postpone trips over long distances. This is associated with increased danger during the journey, an increase in accidents and disasters. From the point of view of bioenergy, a sharp jump in energy occurs in space, which increases impulsivity, irritability and provokes spontaneous decisions.

During the eclipse, a huge burden is put on the nervous system. This time is notoriously not only exacerbation of nervous and mental disorders, but also suicidal thoughts. In order to avoid negative influence, it is necessary to tune in to positive thinking every day and eliminate work that causes nervous exhaustion.

During the period of a solar eclipse, it is important to be in the circle of close people who are able to support you and your mood, help with advice or action in order to exclude depressive states.

What to do during the solar eclipse

A solar eclipse will occur in the zodiac constellation Leo. This time is intended for creative activities. The energy of the day will contribute to the disclosure of your opportunities and hidden talents, so the embodiment of the ideas that came to you will be a good exercise in this difficult time.

The combination of stars and planets will have a beneficial effect on communication skills. Use August 21 to establish business and personal contacts. This time makes it possible to resolve conflicts and put an end to disagreements.

A solar eclipse is the best time to complete matters in all walks of life. The energy of the Sun will allow to solve the existing problems, to complete the projects and planned activities. To do this you will need willpower and determination.

In general, a solar eclipse gives everyone the opportunity to realize themselves and develop active activities aimed at achieving well-being. Aspects of the planets will give an additional energy charge, which will make it possible to do a lot.

An eclipse in conjunction with Mars prompts quick decisions. This will allow to fulfill those ideas for which there was not enough courage.

Aspects of the planets will harmoniously influence people: the Moon and the Sun in Leo with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius will actively assist you in communication and will give an additional stimulus to active actions.

Observing the balance in affairs and emotions, during the period of a solar eclipse you will be able to achieve success in all spheres of life. The sense of measure and caution in the decisions made will allow you to avoid critical errors. We wish you well-being, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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