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Solar calendar: May 28

Solar calendar: May 28

The solar calendar will tell you all about the influence of the sun. After all, it not only determines the sign of the zodiac, but also affects us all daily.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: Today the sun will rise at 3:58 in the morning.

Sunset: it will be dark by 20:58.

Duration of daylight hours: daylight hours will last 16 hours and 58 minutes, which is almost three minutes more than the previous day.

Interaction with the planets: the planet Saturn has the strongest influence today. It carries a rather heavy energy associated with work. This is a very important day of the week in terms of summing up, aided by Saturn’s astrology.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

  • mental and creative activity;
  • rethinking their own experience;
  • self-education;
  • participation in conferences;
  • political activity;
  • real estate issues;
  • chat with friends and like-minded people.

What can drive away success:

  • interaction with official bodies;
  • inattention to choices and actions;
  • adventurism;
  • transfer of a business meeting.

Talisman of this day — best of all on this day talismans from the following stones will act: sapphire, onyx, agate, topaz, amethyst, jet. Their strength will contribute to a high concentration on affairs, will give its owner longevity and financial prosperity. These minerals develop qualities such as seriousness and discipline.

Antitallisman — gold and silver jewelry, images of an eagle or crab.

Color April 4 —The main ones for this day are dark shades, especially black or brown. Green and purple are optional colors, depending on what you need on that day. For example, green stimulates mental activity, and purple is suitable for meditation.

Learn more about the meaning of colors in color therapy.

Solar calendar and relationships

In a love relationship, as in all affairs today, take a non-standard approach and surprise your loved one with something pleasant. Just make sure he likes your idea. Despite the fact that, on the whole, the relationship will go smoothly, it may seem to you that the chosen one has chosen to cool down to you. You should not dwell on this feeling: suggest that you do something together, and your empty doubts will disappear.

So you will not only cope faster with your worries, but also feel the support of each other.

On this day, do not start a new relationship. Most likely, they will not last long. And established couples may well spend the evening together, perhaps outside the city.

Sometimes a little romance is lacking for the renewal of feelings and positive emotions.

It is equally important to know about the impact of the moon: this way you will not be mistaken. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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