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Solar calendar: May 24

Solar calendar: May 24th

The sun daily charges us with vigor and positive. Following the recommendations of the solar calendar, you will be ready for changes in your life.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise today: at 3:50 in the morning.

Sunset today: at 20:42 pm Moscow time.

Duration of daylight hours: the duration of a light day will be 16 hours 52 minutes.

Solar Activity: On May 24, the magnetosphere promises to be calm. Magnetic storms are not expected.

Interaction with the planets: This day of the week falls under the control of Mars, which emits powerful energy that can help in business. A more detailed study of the influence of planets on the days of the week will help to use their power for their own purposes.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

  • active life position;
  • self-realization;
  • romantic dates;
  • new projects;
  • investments in the banking sector.

What can drive away success:

  • lack of self-confidence;
  • refusal of assistance;
  • an attempt to do everything at once;
  • postponing important things for later.

Talisman of this day — All minerals with a bright color will serve as excellent talismans. Stones such as diamond, garnet and krovavik will help in achieving goals and activate masculine energy.

Antitallisman — today it is better not to approach the female trees. Birch, pine and bird cherry can take away some of your energy.

May 24 color — All rich colors will fill you with strength and determination. A well-chosen image will attract the right people to you. You can also choose your clothes according to your Zodiac sign.

Solar calendar and relationships

May 24 is great for any presentations and negotiations. Everything that requires special attention and concrete actions will be given to you easily. Feel free to make new friends and make deals with partners.

Communication, this is your horse today.

It is not recommended to show aggression in communicating with loved ones, as this may cause a response. Show more respect for the feelings of others and do good deeds. So you will find inner harmony and happiness.

Events in our lives are influenced by many factors, and numbers are no exception. Having thoroughly studied numerology, you can learn how to manage any situation. The solar calendar wishes you a great mood, success in business, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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