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Solar calendar: May 21

Solar calendar: May 21

The sun is not only the source of life on Earth, but also the strongest regulator of our mood. The solar calendar for May 21 will tell you how not to lose the favor of Fortune.

Today, the outcome of events depends not on what you do, but on how you do it. A positive attitude will show you the right path to success in all areas of life. Our five ways to improve your mood will help you stay on horseback today.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise today: at 4 hours 7 minutes.

Sunset today: at 20 hours 46 minutes.

Duration of daylight hours: 16 hours 39 minutes — this will be the length of today.

Interaction with the planets: today, May 21, Saturday, Saturn shares power with the Sun. Few people will be able to resist its negative impact, weighting the thought processes and dull memory. Earlier we wrote about Saturn and the features of its influence on our lives.

However, today Saturn coincides in its energy with the Sun, and this is noted by astrologers as a very positive fact.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

  • business meetings;
  • self-criticism;
  • purchases;
  • new affairs;
  • physical exercise;
  • intuition.

What can scare away success:

  • quarrels with relatives;
  • adventures, risks;
  • solving important matters;
  • housework.

Talisman of this day: diamond and black crystal, as well as images of birds of hummingbirds, dolphins or panthers. These animals perfectly reflect the essence of Saturn. Gems, however, will allow you to noticeably closer to your dream, help you see what you are living for and form a goal.

Antitolisman: Antalismans are metals today. Silver, gold and platinum will not fit well with diamonds and crystal. If you have, for example, a diamond ring, you can simply take it off and carry it with you in your bag or carry it in a car.

Color May 21 — blue, black and red. Red almost does not solve anything today, but its presence will allow not to lose its vigor. Black and blue are a great combination of two strong energy charges that will help you to succeed in business and in love.

These colors make a strong impression on people.

Solar calendar and relationships

Love comes to the fore again — how can it be without it? Do not forget that today you need a good rest, but this does not contradict the work. Important meetings will be very easy, because the Sun and Saturn, by their influence, facilitate decision-making.

What is better not to do exactly is to confess your love or offer your hand and heart. It is better to omit important confessions and pleasant words — today is not the best time for this kind of romance. Let your actions speak for you, not phrases.

The solar calendar wishes you success in love and deeds. May this Saturday become not only favorable for you, but symbolic and memorable. In addition, astrologers advise you to read the lunar calendar for May 21, which can give you even more tips. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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