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Solar calendar: May 20

Solar calendar: May 20

Solar calendar can suggest the best strategy for each day. With him you can not go wrong and will always be one step ahead of the rest.

Today, May 20 of the year, we will have a very difficult day. This is due to a magnetic storm. But a couple of helpful tips will help you get rid of the negative effects of this natural phenomenon.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise today: at 4 hours 9 minutes Moscow time.

Sunset today: at 20 hours and 44 minutes.

Duration of daylight hours: 16 hours 35 minutes — the length of today.

Solar Activity: today is the peak of a two-day solar activity, which ends with a magnetic storm. This day will be dangerous in a special degree for those who have not slept, got tired or just are in a bad mood. Try to ignore the trouble, being in a constant search for positive emotions.

Interaction with the planets: on Friday, the Sun usually interacts with Venus, which protects the feminine. All people without exception, it is desirable in solving difficult problems to be guided by logic, and not just 6 sense. Intuition is better to leave in the most extreme case.

For more information about Venus and its impact on our lives, you can learn from our special article on this mysterious planet.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

  • making important decisions;
  • new affairs;
  • summing up the week;
  • quality rest;
  • moderate physical and mental stress.

What can scare away success:

Talisman of this day: silver jewelry. This metal will be the most effective assistant of all possible today. Its function will be more protective.

Silver is universal in all senses, as it favorably affects all human feelings, as well as good luck.

Antitolisman: Astrologers report that today Venus and the Sun are in dissonance, therefore gold and precious stones will be anti-talismans. Avoid also the number 4, which has the opposite energy of this day.

Color May 20: white. When you leave the house, wear something white to maintain some neutrality, standing out from the crowd. Red and black will be a very bad choice, as they are provocative and unrestrained colors, filled with uncontrollability and lack of control.

Solar calendar and relationships

Today, mood can change often, so do not take seriously harsh or unpleasant words. Find the strength to forgive those who will be imprudent. Windy people on May 20 is the norm.

Venus creates even envy and makes us lie to each other, but for no particular reason. Today, the Sun will not be able to hold it, which means you need to prepare for a possible negative.

Good luck will give you balanced and deliberate decisions. You should not go to the conflict, if the game is not worth the candle. Nothing today should just happen.

This knowledge will bring you success not only in business, work, finance, but also in love.

In addition to the solar calendar, do not forget to read the lunar calendar on May 20. The sun and the moon are actually in constant communication, so any such advice almost never contradicts each other. I wish you happiness, success, and do not forget to press buttons and

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