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Solar calendar: May 11

Solar calendar: May 11th

Find support can not only among friends. A daily solar calendar will help you make the right choice and set you up in a positive way.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: The sun will begin to appear above the horizon, starting at 4:13 am Moscow time.

Sunset: watch the sunset will be from 20 hours 18 minutes.

Duration of daylight hours: light day will please with its duration of 16 hours 5 minutes.

Solar Activity: Today, meteorologists predict the excited magnetosphere, and this will entail a magnetic storm. Knowing the effects of magnetic storms on health can avoid many problems with well-being.

Interaction with the planets: On this day, the planet Mercury will give special attention to people, whose energy will help to focus on the necessary things, as well as activate thought processes.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

What can drive away success:

  • excessive use of alcohol;
  • inattention to relatives;

Talisman of this day — gems such as golden topaz and emerald will not only reward their owners with clarity of mind, but also enhance oratorical abilities and business acumen.

Antitallisman — May 11, it is best to bypass all places of entertainment. They can be the cause of financial losses. It should also be remembered about correct thinking, since the psychology of poverty can scare away good luck from you overnight.

If you recognize this trait behind you, today you can start working on yourself and your financial situation.

May 11 color — today should pay special attention to jewelry and accessories. They should emphasize your dignity and reinforce the overall impression of the image. And the most suitable option would be all that has a deep rich blue hue.

Solar calendar and relationships

May 11 will be an opportunity to deal with the old relationship and put an end to them. Try to communicate with your former partner as delicately as possible and leave a good impression of yourself. If you decide to return your soul mate back, you can apply several effective ways.

In the field of business, the probability of career growth is high, but for a successful start, you must try and lay a solid foundation. Do not be afraid to carry out small orders of the authorities. If the manager sees that you can be trusted, then soon you will receive a long-awaited increase and increase in salary.

May 11 each will develop the ability to focus on the goal and self-realization. Strengthen their hidden talents can be independently and not necessarily podgadvat specific day of the week. The solar calendar wishes you new victories, faith in yourself, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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