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Solar calendar: March 29

Solar calendar: March 29

The solar calendar will tell you what planet will take place today and what matters is not to postpone to gain the best result.

Sunrise: the first rays of the sun will appear at 6:09 am, which is two minutes earlier than the previous day.

Sunset: It will be dark at 19:02. A light day will last four and a half minutes more and take 12 hours and 53 minutes.

Solar Activity: the probability of magnetic storms is no more than 5%, the solar magnetosphere is calm enough, even weak magnetic oscillations are not foreseen.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring good luck:

  • legal issues;
  • travel and business trips;
  • teamwork;
  • physical activity;
  • air baths and water treatments.

What is better to postpone:

  • solving land issues;
  • rash affairs.

Solar horoscope on March 29 of the year

Planet Mascot March 29: Tuesday is ruled by Mars, which favors high activity. It helps to decide on strong and volitional decisions and allows you to quickly achieve the desired result.

Stone talisman March 29: Today, with your power, you will be assisted by stones of red and pink shades: coral, rose quartz, ruby, garnet and carnelian. Talismans of Mars will help in the successful conduct of business and success, they are prescribed the ability to direct energy to the realization of ideas, to action in general. Strengthens qualities such as masculinity, courage and self-confidence.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

There may be a fairly frequent change of feelings and emotions, which must be considered in order not to tell a loved one too much. Otherwise, this is one of the most favorable days of the month. In a love relationship today, do not be afraid to show passion: you will be surprised how much emotion this will bring you.

If you would like to make a marriage proposal, but postpone it for later, or are in love and cannot confess your feelings — decide. This day is very well suited for the company serious steps.

Career and money on the solar calendar

Today can be used to achieve maximum success in solving cases. It may be somewhat difficult to concentrate, so choose something that has already been thought out and needs to be addressed. Then you will definitely achieve excellent results.

All your requirements for promotion or allowances, desires for participation in any projects or leadership will be considered. The only thing that is required of you is to take the initiative and not to provoke conflicts.

Tuesday March 29th to astrologers predictions will be one of the most favorable days. Good luck with your goals and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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