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Solar calendar: March 28

Solar calendar: March 28 of the year

Not only the Moon, but also the Sun have their effect on a person’s life, his state of health and affairs. To find out how to spend this day successfully, have a look at the solar calendar.

Sunrise today: The first rays of the Sun can be seen at 6:11 Moscow time, which is 2 minutes earlier than the previous day.

Sunset today: sunny day will last until 19:00. He adds another four and a half minutes and generally takes 12 hours and 48 minutes.

Solar activity today: The probability of a magnetic storm is very low: no more than 1-2%. Astronomers do not portend strong oscillations of the magnetosphere, it will be quite calm.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring good luck:

  • attention to comments and advice;
  • learning, obtaining new knowledge;
  • bureaucratic affairs;
  • following intuition;
  • business trips.

What matters scare luck:

  • new large projects;
  • important cash transactions;
  • new relationship.

Solar horoscope on March 28 of the year

Planet Mascot March 28: the day will pass under the auspices of the moon, our companion. By its influence, it increases the strength and significance of the senses, which dulls the rational thinking. Therefore, the most unexpected things can happen: the enemies help out of the trouble just due to the increased influence of the Moon, and friends are inaccessible or busy.

Astrologers do not recommend making important plans and making deals at such a time. The very next day everything can change dramatically.

Stone Mascot March 28: the moonstone on this day will have special power. He is considered an assistant to women, especially mothers and children, protects from the evil eye, removes fears. Blue agate will help unleash creativity and relieve pain, as well as soothe in difficult situations.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

Those who are in love and in a romantic mood can enjoy the beauty and subtlety of the romantic thread that binds two loving hearts. Try not to conflict: quarrels will leave an unpleasant feeling in your soul and the soul of your loved one. Do not carp at words and be loyal: today everything seems to be different. And free today people should not try to start a relationship.

Most likely, soon enough you will be surprised why you offered to meet this person.

Career and money on the solar calendar

Do not tackle complex projects: the week has just begun and time must pass for you to gain your working pace. Try to distribute the load evenly. Do not make major purchases and set aside important negotiations for later. In financial terms, astrologers do not promise much tangible change.

Do not strive to do more of the above, because it is highly likely that efforts will be in vain.

The solar calendar wishes everyone a good day, all the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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