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Solar calendar: March 22

Solar calendar: March 22

The sun is able to give us not only the joy of its rays, but also luck, which will help in solving important problems. The solar calendar for March 22 of the year will tell you how to use the energy of the sun as efficiently as possible.

Sunrise: Today, the first rays will appear above the horizon at 6:25 Moscow time. Every day the mood continues to improve due to the growth of the day.

Sunset: at 18:47 the sun will already leave the horizon, taking its heat with it. The day is growing rapidly, adding almost 4 minutes each day, so tomorrow a good mood will last even longer.

Solar Activity: March 22, magnetic storms are not expected. Moreover, even weak magnetic oscillations should not be expected, since the sun will be calm. You can devote this day to work and sport, fully devoting yourself to your favorite things.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring success:

  • painstaking work;
  • banking and financial transactions;
  • purchases;
  • meeting with relatives;
  • self improvement;
  • physical exercise.

What better to avoid:

  • interference by outsiders in your personal affairs;
  • indecision;
  • indulging in bad habits;
  • incorrect prioritization.

Solar horoscope for March 22

Planet Mascot March 22: Today, the sun helps the sky to control Mars — a red planet located next to ours. Mars is the most energetic planet that shares its gifts with us. He will help everyone to gain vitality to solve various problems.

Stone Mascot March 22: garnet, ruby, coral, quartz, amber — these are the best stones today. As a talisman, you can use any of them. To the power of the stone was as clearly as possible, in clothes it is better to prefer red or orange tones.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

In love, we are waiting for a lot of interesting things, but do not make the search for love a priority today. Let everything in this sphere flow by itself. Try to just enjoy life, not thinking about how lonely you are.

The solar calendar also advises those who are in a relationship to be more inert and driven.

Career, business and money by the solar calendar

In business, the lack of initiative will be punished by failure. If you want a career growth — show yourself accordingly. Want to learn something new — dedicate time to study. If you need money, do your job, performing duties and smiling at your colleagues.

Today, success is accompanied by positive and charismatic people.

Mood and health by the solar calendar

Today the sun does not threaten your mood and well-being. Everything speaks of the auspiciousness of the day; for example, getting you off balance will be much harder than usual. Despite this, you should not think that a bad mood and minor domestic troubles will bypass you anyway.

Avoid conflicts and quarrels to strengthen your position and maintain a positive attitude.

The solar calendar wishes you good luck and fulfillment of any desires. All the best to you, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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