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Solar calendar: March 20

Solar calendar: March 20

The sun is our true friend on the road to success. It gives us all good luck and good mood. About what is waiting for us on March 20, will tell you the solar calendar.

Sunrise today: March 20th The sun will rise over the horizon at about 6:31 Moscow time. Today is an important day — the day of the spring equinox. The light time of the day will be equal to the dark, after which the night will gradually decrease.

Sunset today: at 18:43 the sun will set, leaving us completely. Tomorrow the day will be a little longer than night.

Solar Activity: The sun will be as calm as possible on this beautiful day, giving not only smiles to people, but also well-being throughout the day. The possibility of excitation of the magnetosphere is close to zero, so sports and hard mental work will be quite favorable.

Solar calendar and astrology

What will bring success today:

  • playing sports;
  • intellectual activity;
  • travel, travel;
  • teamwork.

What will scare away good luck on this day:

  • selfishness;
  • impulsiveness, manifestations of aggression;
  • risky events;
  • costly acquisitions.

Planet-talisman March 20: A successful coincidence — today the Sun itself rules the ball, so that amulets of gold and spherical gold jewelry will help you achieve your goals. The clothes need a special charm that will impress everyone around. When choosing a color will be good orange and black shades.

Stone Mascot March 20: the sun’s stone today is a ruby, but gold jewelry will have real power, so you can give preference only to them.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

In love today, a slight disappointment can wait, which will quickly be replaced by positive emotions. Be a leader in everything — then people will reach out to you, trying to please. In relations with friends, colleagues and relatives it is better to be more careful and more diplomatic in order to prevent even the likelihood of resentment and quarrels.

Money and career on the solar calendar

Avoid risks, do not take loans and credits, be as careful as possible in any financial affairs. Any rash move can make you bankrupt. Do not trust anyone and anything that does not cause you to trust.

Mood and health by the solar calendar

The mood today can remain elevated until the evening, but this does not mean that it is absolutely impossible to spoil it. Be careful, friendly and give everyone joy. It will return to you in double size.

For health today any physical activity is good.

The solar calendar knows all about how to attract luck. However, for a more complete picture, you can read the lunar calendar on March 20 of the year. This will allow you to better understand how to build your day today. We wish you success and do not forget to press the buttons and

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