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Solar calendar: March 17

Solar calendar: March 17

We ourselves build our lives and choose the path that we are going to take. Daily recommendations of the solar calendar will help you make the right decision and improve the situation in all areas of life.

Sunrise today: March 17, the Sun will begin its movement across the sky at 6:29 Moscow time.

Sunset today: The sun sets over the horizon at 6:26 pm, two minutes later than the previous day.

Solar Activity: On this day, the disturbance of the magnetosphere is expected. Since its level will go beyond the normal range, there is a high probability of a magnetic storm.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring good luck:

  • clear adherence to the plan;
  • full rest;
  • focus on one case;
  • trade related transactions;
  • free time in solitude.

What to avoid:

  • nervous tension;
  • aimless hanging out;
  • creating conflict situations;
  • use of semi-finished products.

Solar horoscope on March 17

Planet Mascot March 17: thanks to the influence of Jupiter, you can easily achieve your goals. The main thing is the belief in one’s own strength and concentration on the task. Then luck will be on your side.

Stone Mascot March 17: aquamarine, amethyst and charoite will serve as excellent monetary talismans. Also, these minerals contribute to the status of the owner in the community.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

Try to be more attentive. Perhaps, for your problems, you do not notice that your second half also needs support. Remember that relationships are built not only on mutual love, but also on respect.

Career and money on the solar calendar

March 17 will be successful any transactions related to trade. If you have long planned to make a large purchase or sell a product, today you can do it on the most favorable terms.

In pursuit of happiness, remember about health and take care of your body not only externally but also internally. Using a variety of breathing techniques, yoga and massage, you will strengthen your biofield and begin to attract abundance. The solar calendar wishes you a great mood, victories in any endeavors, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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