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Solar calendar: March 15

Solar calendar: March 15

The powerful energy of the sun affects everything around. From the position of the Earth relative to our nearest star the seasons change, and from the position of the Sun among the constellations the energy changes.

Sunrise: Moscow time on March 15, the sun will rise at 6 hours and 44 minutes.

Sunset: it will be dark by 18 hours 32 minutes Moscow time.

Solar Activity: the magnetosphere is calm, with even less fluctuations with respect to the past days This means that the risk of a magnetic storm is low: it is only 5%.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring success:

  • leisure;
  • art classes;
  • charity;
  • cash investments;
  • physical exercise.

What matters may end in failure:

  • long hard work;
  • new initiative without preparation;
  • making ambitious plans;
  • ottyagivanie decisive moments in life.

Solar horoscope for March 8

Planet Mascot: Tuesday is strongly influenced by the planet Mars. She favors strong people and active progress towards the goal. Exercise and high activity will have a good effect, but in moderation.

Stone Mascot: You will be helped in the accomplishments of the red stones: garnet, ruby, jasper, and orange: tiger eye, amber. The talismans of Mars, carrying in themselves a strong male principle, contribute to the manifestation of will, the development of physical strength and increase energy.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

Under the influence of Mars, responsible and serious decisions are very well made. Therefore, whether you decide to part with your current partner or, conversely, offer to enter into an official marriage, you can do it without any problems. You should not dwell on this day much on feelings and emotions, because the internal restraint and confidence that this planet brings, arouse logical and rational thinking.

Career and Finance

If you take yourself in hand and work in full force, the day will bring significant success. Activity will have a positive effect and you will most likely be able to do more than planned. But for this you need not to be served in a relaxed state.

However, it does not necessarily work for wear. It is best to follow the requirements of the body and stop in time to rest.

With the manifestation of willpower and having been convinced of the correctness of your choice, you can very well make a cash investment. A sudden replenishment of the budget is not expected, but you will be able to evenly distribute the budget and will not need anything.

The influence of the planets, our natural satellite of the Moon and the Sun, can be traced and used every day with the greatest benefit for ourselves. Look at the solar calendar every day and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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