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Solar calendar: March 14

Solar calendar: March 14

Each of us wants to look into the future and know everything in advance. The daily solar calendar will tell you what to look for in order to avoid possible mistakes.

Sunrise today: March 14, the Sun will begin to delight us with its rays from 6:37 in the morning.

Sunset today: it will be completely dark that day two minutes later in comparison with the previous day, and it will happen at 18:20 Moscow time.

Solar Activity: according to astrologers’ forecasts, on March 14 the magnetosphere will be calm. Magnetic storms are also not expected.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring good luck:

  • New acquaintances;
  • Meeting with friends;
  • investment in real estate;
  • business trips;
  • healthy food.

What to avoid:

  • use of semi-finished products;
  • nervous tension;
  • quarrels with close people;
  • excessive initiative.

Solar horoscope on March 14 of the year

Planet Mascot March 14: the moon will rule this day. The power of the night luminary will help in solving controversial issues, and its flowing energy is able to resolve everything peacefully.

Stone mascot March 14: All minerals with light and blue shades can be attributed to moonstones. These gems can not only arouse creativity in everyone, but also enhance the effect of spiritual practices.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

Try not to create conflicts with your loved ones. Today, every little thing can lead to passions. That is why leisure is better to spend in a relaxed atmosphere and solitude.

Career and money on the solar calendar

March 14 is great for planning cases, as well as the acquisition of new links. If you have been looking for new customers or partners for a long time, this day is the right time to establish contacts and connections.

No need to strive to do everything planned overnight and get a huge profit. Everything should be in moderation, so, moving to your cherished dream, break the goal into small tasks. Only then will you succeed and abundance. The solar calendar wishes you a great mood, inexhaustible energy, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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