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Solar calendar: June 17

Solar calendar: June 17

The energy of the Sun every day helps us achieve our goals and learn to believe in our own strength. Use the tips of the solar calendar and catch a wave of luck.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: 3:45 Moscow time.

Sunset: 21:18 Moscow time.

Duration of daylight hours: 17 hours 32 minutes.

Solar Activity: On June 17, the magnetosphere will return to normal and will delight all meteosensitive people with its calmness. Magnetic storms are not expected.

Interaction with the planets: Friday will be held under the auspices of the female energy of Venus, which activates such qualities as fluidity, tenderness and softness. As well as the ability to achieve their goals in detours. This behavior is mainly inherent in women, so men should be alert.

However, do not forget that there are still many ways to get what you want from a man.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

  • spontaneous purchases;
  • investments in the banking sector;
  • persistence in negotiations;
  • directness;
  • purposefulness.

What will deter success:

  • lack of confidence in their abilities;
  • low self-esteem;
  • desire in all to prove their case;
  • inability to listen to others;
  • refusal of assistance.

Talisman of this day — today’s talisman will be any object that you associate with romance and love. And it does not have to be hearts and cards. If you care about the simple pen that you once received from your beloved, it is perfect as a talisman. Also from it you can make an amulet that will help for many years.

Moreover, talismans made with their own hands, are considered much stronger than others.

Antitallisman — Try to contact as little as possible with household appliances. Also, it is not recommended to engage in the repair of electrical engineering and even change the blown bulbs. It can de-energize you at the energy level.

To keep your biofield in good shape, use simple exercises to strengthen it.

Color June 17 — golden and pink shades will show hidden abilities in you and activate qualities that will help in communicating with people and negotiating.

Solar calendar and relationships

If you express your point of view in a mild form, you can find a compromise or incline the interlocutor to your point of view. This applies not only to business, but also to personal relationships. However, you should not engage in pure manipulation, because it will not go unnoticed.

Today’s leisure is not recommended in a noisy company. Prefer to communicate in close family circle or arrange a romantic dinner. This will be the perfect end to the working day.

On June 17, you will have the opportunity to prove yourself in a matter that you are very interested in. Do not miss your chance and do not be afraid of failures, because Fortune will be on your side. And in order to attract more luck, you can help yourself with special rituals from the best psychics. The solar calendar wishes you success in any endeavor, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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