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Solar calendar: June 14

Solar calendar: June 14

If you want to enlist the favor of our nearest Star, attracting success and good fortune to yourself, use the simple recommendations of the solar calendar. You build your day in the best way and do not miss the most important.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: 3:46 in Moscow.

Sunset: 21:16 Moscow time.

Duration of daylight June 14: 17 hours 30 minutes.

Solar Activity: the magnetosphere will be calm, and the probability of a magnetic storm is extremely low: no more than 1%, according to scientists’ forecasts.

Interaction with the planets: Tuesday is under the auspices of the planet, traditionally bearing the masculine principle: today Mars has a special power. Thanks to his strength, it will be easier to exercise initiative and stamina. Despite the fact that the size of Mars is somewhat inferior to the earth, it has tremendous power, which astrologers say.

Astrologers recommendations for June 14

What will bring good luck today:

What can drive away the success of June 14:

  • weakness before illusions and deceptions;
  • the beginning of new cases;
  • inattention to the signs of Fate;
  • negative thoughts and malice towards others;
  • making difficult and important decisions.

Talisman of this day — talismans of Mars will help direct the energy in the necessary direction and suppress violence from others. Their positive influence helps to show leadership and volitional qualities, so they are excellent for athletes or leaders. For such a talisman, you can choose coral or rose quartz; ruby ​​and garnet, jasper or tiger eye are perfect. They can also help strengthen the financial situation.

Moreover, some of them, for example, the stone tiger eye, attributed healing and magical properties.

Antitallisman June 14 — elephant, book, dolphin or crab.

Color June 14 — The main color for this day is red, which can also be combined with black. It perfectly reflects the energy of Mars and is associated with war, as well as leadership, as it stands first in the color spectrum. Blue can also be used as an additional color.

Sun Calendar and Relationship June 14

This time is great for a declaration of love or a marriage proposal, so do not delay: do not hide your feelings from someone who is so important to you. The settled couples can have a great time together, because their feelings will experience an emotionally intense period. It is important to keep negative thoughts under control and not to spill them out on those around you: try to be united and a little softer in expressing your own will and desires.

At work, however, this desire will appreciate.

To spend this day with benefit and surely enlist the support of high matters, you can get even more detailed information thanks to the daily lunar calendar. All the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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