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Solar calendar: July 1

Solar calendar: July 1

The solar calendar is filled with knowledge about the energy of our luminary and how it affects our lives. Astrologers will tell you how to make July 1 more favorable in all senses.

The very first day of July will be difficult. Today, the most successful people will be those who know how to rest and relax. The tendency to inaction will increase, so keep yourself in the hands — you must fulfill your duties.

Of course, on Friday it’s better to take stock of the outgoing week, however, if you have the desire, you can plan things a month in advance thanks to the lunar calendar for July.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise July 1: at 03:50 Moscow time.

Sunset today: at 21:17 Moscow time.

Duration of daylight July 1: 17 hours and 27 minutes.

Solar activity today: On this day, no one will be concerned about the sun. Our light will be absolutely calm, so that magnetic storms and even weak disturbances are not expected. This suggests that you can not be afraid of emotional fluctuations and physical exertion.

Interaction with celestial bodies July 1: Friday is the day of Venus. This planet is the patron saint of women. Venus and the Sun will interact, so rest will be doubly beneficial.

Naturally, this is best done after the performance of duties. By the evening, you may be visited by a feeling of peace and tranquility, but astrologers are advised to start planning for the next week.

Astrologers recommendations for July 1

What will bring luck in the solar calendar:

  • case planning;
  • preservation of strength;
  • privacy;
  • perseverance;
  • financial operations.

What can scare away the success of July 1:

  • decisions imposed by someone else’s opinion or advertising (you can read how cleverly advertising manages consciousness);
  • laziness in any of its manifestations;
  • making important decisions;
  • problems with law.

Talisman July 1: The happiest number on the first day of July is 5. Watch out for his appearance in your life, as it will mean an approaching success. The metal talisman today is copper. It is a symbol of purity and diplomacy.

Emerald, rose quartz, coral will be the best talisman stones today, as their properties are in harmony with the energy of Venus this Friday.

Antitlisman July 1: anti-talisman today will be black and red. Avoid these colors to stay one step ahead of your opponents in all walks of life.

Color July 1: The best color for today is yellow and turquoise. Yellow is the color of life, but you should not use only yellowness to stimulate a good mood all day. Alternate it with turquoise, which is a combination of green and blue.

This color is perfect for those who are engaged in intellectual work, not physical.

Sun Calendar and Relations for July 1

In love, many people today are waiting for a slight disappointment, but the solar calendar does not predict anything serious. Treat this area of ​​life easier and with optimism. Astrologers recommend men to be more assertive, and women to be more feminine.

Contrasts are not allowed on this first day of July.

If you are in a relationship or married, find an occupation that unites both of you. Take a walk, watch an interesting movie or just chat. The main thing — do not drink a lot of alcohol today.

Relations with other close people should be built on a trusting basis. If you do not trust a person, delete him from the list of those who deserve your attention today. Be with those who understand you, respect you and make you happier.

At work, the best way to avoid trouble will be solitude. Any financial transactions will be successful if you solve your problems alone. If you have the opportunity to escape from work early, then by all means use it.

No need to bore yourself with boring affairs and communication with colleagues before this weekend. In addition, today there is a very high suggestibility, so you can agree to take on other people’s responsibilities or make other unfavorable decisions for you under pressure from others.

May this Friday bring you a lot of light and success in any area of ​​life. Ask for help also to the lunar calendar on July 1, which will give you even more useful tips. Together, this will help you overcome any obstacles. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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