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Solar calendar: February 23

Solar calendar: February 23 of the year

The sun is a great helper in all matters. Following the recommendations of the daily solar calendar, you can attract love and abundance to your life, as well as avoid a lot of unpleasant situations.

Sunrise today: On February 23, the heavenly body will rise two minutes earlier than the previous day, and it will happen at 7:35 am Moscow time.

Sunset today: sunset will be 2 minutes later and will happen at 17:50.

Solar Activity: February 23, magnetic storms are not observed. The magnetosphere will delight us with its tranquility and stability.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring good luck:

  • morning running;
  • breathing practices;
  • stubborn movement towards your goals;
  • active life position;
  • discussion with the leadership of new ideas.

What to avoid:

  • spreading rumors;
  • condemnation of other people;
  • inattention to money;
  • substandard products;
  • stay inactive.

Solar horoscope on February 23 of the year

Planet Mascot February 23: The planet Mars will endow the day of men with energy and focus on results. This is the time for decisive actions and accomplishments, especially successful on the holiday of the Defender of the Fatherland.

Stone mascot February 23: All minerals of bright colors, especially red, activate the energy of success and give confidence in any business. Such jewelry can be excellent amulets for every day.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

This day is suitable for passionate confessions and expression of passion. Show your soulmate how much you can be desired, and even if there were some omissions between you, today everything will be decided by itself.

Career and money on the solar calendar

February 23, you can start new projects. The day is also suitable for completing complex tasks, because the energy of Mars will remove any obstacles to the goal. Remember that the heavenly bodies are on your side, and continue the job.

Then persistence is sure to be rewarded.

Being on the move, you not only get what you want, but also constantly evolve and grow spiritually. This is what increases your energy and gives strength for future achievements. The solar calendar wishes you new achievements, great mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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