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Solar calendar: February 18

Solar calendar: February 18 of the year

The sun, as well as the moon. affects our lives. To get the maximum benefit from the energy of these luminaries, use the recommendations of the solar and lunar calendars, which will help to attract luck.

Sunrise: On this day, the sun will rise at 7:47 Moscow time. This will happen two minutes ahead of the previous day.

Sunset: the heavenly body will land at 17:39, which will increase the length of the day by four minutes.

Solar Activity: February 18, magnetic storms are not expected. However, the magnetosphere will be in an excited state, which can affect the emotional background of meteosensitive people.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring good luck:

  • walks in the open air;
  • playing sports;
  • business trips;
  • perseverance in making important decisions;
  • active life position.

What to avoid:

  • high alcohol consumption;
  • investing in doubtful projects;
  • participation in disputes and conflicts;
  • desire not to take into account the opinions of others.

Solar horoscope on February 18 of the year

Planet talisman February 18: the mascot on February 18 will be Jupiter. It is his energy that will help you develop perseverance and determination.

Stone mascot February 18: All minerals that have rich blue and blue hues will contribute to attracting financial abundance and success into your life. If you have long dreamed of enlistment of such support, make your own amulet out of an ornament suitable for the description.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

Today will be favorable any meeting with a romantic spirit. If you decide to conceal some information from your other half, it will not be so easy. Remember that all secret becomes clear, so be sincere in your feelings towards your loved ones.

Career and money on the solar calendar

February 18 will be successful any transactions and financial transactions. The main thing is to believe in success and follow the plan. Do not try to cover the immense.

Determine the most important goal for yourself and focus on its implementation. Only in this way you can achieve excellent results.

Today, luck will be on your side. The main thing is to know clearly what you want. Decide on your desires, and then everything will be the best way for you. The solar calendar wishes you great mood, health, love, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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