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Solar calendar: February 17

Solar calendar: February 17

Every morning we wake up and do not know what the coming day is preparing for us. The sun, as the closest light to us, affects our lives, not only giving light and heat, but also determining the turns of fate. Thanks to the Sun, we can do something that we haven’t decided long ago — it’s only important to choose the day successfully.

Sunrise: today, February 17, the sun will rise at 7:42 Moscow time. This is three minutes earlier than the previous day.

Sunset: on Wednesday the sun sets at 17:25. Spring is approaching, and every day the light is becoming more and more.

Solar activity: the magnetic storm is not expected, the magnetosphere will be calm. The sun will not entail a worsening state of health today, so it is most likely that the day will be in good health.

What matters will be successful:

  • mental activity;
  • collection of information;
  • securities transactions;
  • purchases and acquisitions;
  • real estate transactions.

What can fail:

  • excessive gullibility;
  • conflicts;
  • incontinence;
  • lingering thoughts.

Planet Mascot on February 17: Today, the planet Mercury, which protects mental work, is taking effect. It promotes activity and easy switching from one case to another. You will feel mobilized and ready for new beginnings.

Mercury also helps with business transactions and financial issues.

Stone mascot on February 17: Mercury’s talismans are the following stones: emerald, chrysolite, topaz, jade, turquoise and aquamarine. They increase mental stability and also improve memory. These are the lucky charms.

They help with trade, make profit and enlighten the mind.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

In love, you can expect a change: most likely, a person who is very interesting to you will finally decide and open his feelings to you. In established relationships, it’s time to bring diversity. Listen to your heart and do not be afraid to offer something interesting to your soulmate. Go for a while out of town to watch the stars, offer to cook a delicious dinner together: your imagination will tell you how to make the evening unique and prove your love to each other again

The environment will be safe for celebrations in a noisy company and new acquaintances. Get together for an active and fun pastime, for example, on a skating rink or dancing. Today, new interesting acquaintances are possible, so do not deny yourself the pleasure.

Recharge positive emotions, live here and now, for yourself.

Career and money on the solar calendar

Today is the time to concentrate and make the necessary breakthrough: Wednesday is a favorable day for successful transactions, purchases and cash winnings. The purse will be grateful to you and will not remain in debt. Reasoning soberly and listening to your intuition, you can really save up and increase your capital with ease.

Take into account any tips, and good luck will be guaranteed.

On this Wednesday, February 17, be as active and mobilized as possible, then all things will end perfectly. Do not be afraid to experiment and start something new: today is the time for this. Be happy, have a good mood, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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