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Solar calendar: February 16

Solar calendar: February 16 of the year

Our closest star, the Sun, has a huge impact on people’s health, physical activity, and life in general. Knowing what solar activity will be today, you will succeed, and the day will be filled with new achievements.

Solar calendar for February 16

Sunrise: today the sun will rise Moscow time at 7:42, extending the day by 4 and a half minutes from the previous day.

Sunset: this Tuesday light day will end at 17:22 Moscow time. The sun will go to the horizon two minutes later relative to the past day, which is reminiscent of the approach of spring and heat.

Solar activity: magnetic storms are not expected, the probability of their occurrence is only 5%. The magnetosphere is calm, which means that the state of health will be good.

What matters will bring good luck:

  • physical work;
  • work with information;
  • financial operations;
  • stormy activity.

What cases are not recommended today:

  • lack of restraint in communication;
  • routine work;
  • immersion in nostalgia.

Solar horoscope on February 16

Planet-mascot: today will be influenced by Mars. This is a strong planet that carries the masculine principle, and this means that energy, masculinity and self-confidence increase. All this will help to manifest the will and achieve the desired result — with diligence, vigorous action, as well as perseverance.

Stone talisman: red tones are suitable for Tuesday, saturated and full of vitality. Perfectly suited: garnet, jasper, ruby, coral, carnelian and tiger eye. They increase strength, both physical and spiritual, and also develop activity and courage.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

This day is created for making important decisions. Reason as sensibly and logically as possible to make the right choice. If you can’t wait for a declaration of love from the person you are interested in — come and tell or directly hint about your feelings, because the time has come to act.

If your heart is not occupied, go to some event or sit in a cafe: surely one of those present will attract your attention. Come and meet, do not be afraid of the first steps.

Career and money on the solar calendar

If you would like to get a job promotion — today is exactly the day when your ability to insist on your own is being tested. You will have enough strength to take the unconquered peaks, but luck does not come just like that. So get ready to take the initiative and make your way forward. Rely on yourself first.

However, do not forget to listen to colleagues you trust. Sometimes they will give the right advice.

For a wallet, the day is also quite prosperous. Spend money wisely, carefully planning your purchases, listen to the voice of reason and intuition. Today, there are possible winnings in the lottery and the conclusion of successful financial transactions.

Tuesday February 16th will be marked by activity. You will need diligence and will, but the result will be worth it, because today the horoscope sees all the chances to achieve the desired. Good luck in business, more positive energy, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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