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Solar calendar: February 15

Solar calendar: February 15 of the year

As you know, solar activity affects the state of health, and its interaction with other planets sometimes determines the whole events of each day. The solar horoscope will help you figure out what to expect from the star closest to us today.

Sunrise: February 15 The sun will rise at 7:47 Moscow time and enter the zenith at 12:33. Light day will last 9 hours 33 minutes.

Sunset: Today, our nearest star will come at 17:22, which means the day will last 4 and a half minutes more compared to the previous day.

Solar Activity: magnetic storms on this day is not expected, the magnetosphere will be calm. People who are sensitive to such changes may not survive, because the deterioration of health due to solar activity will not occur.

Solar calendar and astrology

successful things for today:

bad things for today:

  • start of any projects from scratch;
  • the desire to succumb to emotions.

Solar horoscope for today

Planet Mascot for today: On this day, the sun will actively interact with the moon. On Monday, the influence of our natural satellite is very strong. It is possible that the tendency to inertness will increase, and a relaxed state will not contribute to brainstorming. The day is favorable for reflection and self-discovery.

Frequent changes in mood and the prevalence of sensory perception are likely. Watch your emotions and do not create conflicts.

Stone mascot for today: pearls, aquamarine, blue agate, emerald, moonstone. These talismans are charms, protect against all dangers associated with water, from fears, evil eyes, and also help to get answers to exciting questions through dreams. By creating a charm from any such stone, you can give additional protection to your child, since the talismans of the moon protect motherhood and childhood.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

Your actions and deeds of your loved one on this day will be verified and thought out. Trust the intuition, it will tell you what to do. Spend the evening in a quiet romantic atmosphere, do not hide from each other insults.

Express your love as you see fit, and if you make an offer today, agree.

Career and money on the solar calendar

In the career plan it will be possible to achieve success by mobilizing your own strength and energy. Activate, because the boss today notices your efforts, and you have the opportunity to meet his expectations with the greatest success. Cash needs to be invested in long-term projects and spent on important things for the home.

The day will be favorable and calm, but do not succumb to apathy or inaction. Then you can achieve more at work and in relationships. Do not dive into negative emotions and melancholy, this is a very deceptive state. Have a nice day, smile more often and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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