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Solar calendar: February 13

Solar calendar: February 13 of the year

For many centuries, the Sun gives us its energy, it charges with positive and cheerfulness. Focusing on information in the solar calendar, you can attract good luck and abundance in your life.

Sunrise today: February 13 The sun will rise at 7:58 and throughout the day will send us our rays of warmth and happiness.

Sunset today: at 17:28 Moscow time the solar disk will go beyond the horizon. The day will increase by another four minutes, compared with the previous day.

Solar Activity: February 13 promises to be a calm day, without the threat of magnetic storms. The magnetosphere is within the normal range and is favorable for the human energy perception.

Solar calendar and astrology

What matters will bring good luck

  • launch of new projects;
  • data analysis and reporting;
  • business trips;
  • socializing with friends;
  • investment projects.

What to avoid today:

  • substandard products;
  • reticence with his second half;
  • excessive stress at work;
  • drinking alcohol.

Solar horoscope on February 13 of the year

Planet Mascot February 13: Today, the Sun actively interacts with Saturn, which makes the energy rather difficult to perceive. However, it is she who will help to get things off the ground and stubbornly move towards their goals.

Stone mascot February 13: Saturn’s talismans are all gems with dark blue and black shades. Products decorated with such stones are able to accumulate energy for further throw. They also capture the negative and send it back to the attacker.

Love and relationship on the solar calendar

Today, any quarrels and minor conflicts should be avoided. If you get annoyed over trifles, this can bring discord even into the strongest union.

Career and money on the solar calendar

On February 13, the energy of the Sun will help to conclude even the most complex contracts and benefit from any situation. It is necessary to treat with respect not only the leadership, but also your colleagues who will support you more than once in difficult times.

Astrological calendar will help to swim on the crest of a wave and be at the right time in the right place. Do not be afraid of change, trust your intuition and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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