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Solar calendar: April 9

Solar calendar: April 9th

The sun is not just our friend. It regulates almost all invisible processes occurring with us — good luck, mood, energy. The solar calendar for April 9 will help to attract success in any of the spheres of life on this day.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: at 5 hours 39 minutes Moscow time on Saturday a new day will begin, because the first rays of the Sun will touch the surface of the Earth.

Sunset: a beautiful carefree spring day, which promises to be warm and bright, will end at 19 hours 24 minutes.

Duration of daylight hours: 13 hours 45 minutes — exactly so much time the Sun will delight us with its warmth. The day is growing rapidly with our mood.

Sun Activity: Today, April 9, there will not be even a hint of a magnetic storm, because even a slight excitation of the Earth’s magnetosphere is not observed. On this day, you can safely do what you planned. This may be a sport, work or leisure.

The probability of a slight disturbance is 2%.

Interaction with the planets: on Saturday, the Sun actively interacts with Saturn, the heaviest and slowest planet in the solar system. This giant patronizes loneliness, humility, tranquility, work and learning. Devote this day to useful matters such as shopping planning, cleaning, and repair.

Do not sit idle and do not seek to join the company of friends. Do not ask for it — let it all happen as it should.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring luck today:

  • financial operations;
  • real estate business;
  • intellectual work;
  • sport;
  • thinking outside the box;
  • visiting cinema, theater.

What will scare away luck:

  • aggression, negative emotions;
  • impulsiveness;
  • thoughtless decisions;
  • ignoring the advice of loved ones.

Talisman April 9 — figures and images of animals that lead a lonely lifestyle. These talismans will prompt the right decision when there are no those who can give useful advice near you. From jewelry it is better to give preference to diamonds and zircon.

Such stones will attract good luck in the financial sector and in business relations.

Antitallisman today are images and figures of insects and animals living in flocks, as well as metals: gold, silver. Today it is better to use platinum, also called white gold.

Color April 9 — dark blue, black. Saturn is restrained, so in clothes it is better to adhere to strict style. Dark tones will keep you calm and peaceful, without attracting problems and dangers.

Solar calendar and relationships

Today it is good to be alone, but do not confuse loneliness and retreat. Go to the contact and try to maintain a relationship, but if it turns out that no one wants to give you their attention, then do not worry — on Saturday it is only on hand.

Do light work, planning, shopping, cleaning. It is better to maintain contact with close people — call someone with whom you have not communicated for a long time to show your interest and respect. This day is well suited for meditation, prayers, trips to the temple.

People far from God, you can just relax and read an interesting book.

In love, you will find peace and understanding. Take care of your business, without interfering with each other. In case you are lonely, romantic dates will be beneficial only if you are not the initiator.

The solar calendar wishes you good luck and success on April 9th. Today will be an ideal day for rest and moderate physical exertion. If you need more information, ask for help from the lunar calendar. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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