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Solar calendar: April 6

Solar calendar: April 6th

The sun can be both a source of happiness and good luck, and it can bring trouble. The solar calendar for April 6 will tell you how to make this day as favorable as possible.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: On April 6, the Sun will give us its first rays at 5 o’clock and 46 minutes Moscow time.

Sunset: The last ray touches the surface at approximately 19 hours 18 minutes.

Longitude of the day: The length of the day today will be 13 hours and 32 minutes. A growing day continues to delight us with early rays and bright evenings after work.

Solar Activity: Earth’s magnetic field today will be practically not excited. Everyone will be able to occupy themselves with his usual chores without fear for health. This also applies to sports — doctors and meteorologists do not put forward restrictions.

You should take advantage of this calm, because after the 10th the sun will rage.

The interaction of the Sun with other celestial bodies: On April 6, Wednesday, the Sun will interact with Mercury — its closest, but smallest neighbor. This union is good because the Sun does not suppress the positive action of Mercury. Today, any mental work, absorption of information and trading activity — buying, selling, exchanging, and so on will be fine.

Mercury is fast, initiative, therefore it demands the same from us.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring luck today:

What will scare away luck:

  • severe exhaustion;
  • important meetings;

Talisman of this day — tiger eye, topaz or emerald. These stones will be not only a good decoration, but also an excellent talisman-charm, protecting you from making wrong and hasty decisions. Metals on April 6 — aluminum and mercury, but for obvious reasons, the latter is not recommended.

The animal of Mercury is a dog. This day will give extra luck to those who have this pet.

Antitolisman of Mercury — this is any silver jewelry. Mercury does not tolerate hard metals, so avoid wearing such jewelry. Also, mercury does not like cats, so talismans with the image of cats should be left at home.

Mercury numbers. On April 6, the numbers will be able to help all people: 2, 10, 20. Even they are because Mercury loves equal relations between people.

Its true essence is communication and maintenance of business cooperation.

Color April 6. Mercury loves everything motley, for he is emotional and playful. The best choice for those who wish to spend this day with maximum benefit for themselves — gray color.

Dilute it with white or black. In general, any bright, eye-catching color will do. The only way you can endear anyone.

Solar calendar and relationships

Today is a business day, despite its ease and ease. On April 6, the winner will be the one who will be able to subdue everyone with goodness and a smile, as well as grace.

Relations in the love sphere can be strained, because everyone will have their own affairs and their own problems. Try to give your loved one joy, laughter, attention and smiles. Only in this way it will be possible to prove your feelings and not lose the thread that binds you together.

The same applies to your friends and relatives.

This Wednesday you will find a lot of adventures and interesting events. You can be the center of attention, but this will have to make some effort. We wish each of you to succeed in business, financially, as well as save or find your love.

Do not be afraid to meet this day and tell people the truth, although flattery can also save you or protect you. Read the lunar calendar for April 6 for more information. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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