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Solar calendar: April 30

Solar calendar: April 30 of the year

The sun is the source of life on Earth, but it can carry not only light and joy. The solar calendar for April 30 will tell you how to behave and what to do to save success in all areas of life.

Many people are very resistant to the negative effects of the sun. An article about the prolonged magnetic storm of April 29-30 will help you learn about what awaits us at this time and how to deal with increased solar activity.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: The day will begin at 4 hours and 48 minutes Moscow time.

Sunset: at 20 hours 6 minutes the sun will go beyond the horizon.

Total day length: 15 hours 18 minutes — this is the length of today.

Solar Activity: today we are in for a peak of a two-day magnetic storm. She has the first level of strength, but still, doctors and astrologers advise to avoid quarrels, overwork and depression. Today is Saturday, so dedicate this day to rest and only positive emotions.

Do not go to conflicts where the problem can be solved peacefully.

Interaction with other space objects: today, the Sun comes into close contact with Saturn, the patron saint of the Sabbath. On this day, it is better to do those things that have long been waiting for their decision. All that is needed today or can be done should not be put off until later.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring luck today:

  • creative activity;
  • training;
  • training;
  • expensive purchases;
  • relaxation;
  • completion of previously initiated cases.

What can scare away luck:

  • aggression;
  • jealousy;
  • envy;
  • overwork;
  • new business and planning.

Talisman April 30 — diamond. Only this stone is able to instill confidence in you and help in making difficult decisions. This gem can enhance intuition skills.

Today, various talismans for the signs of the zodiac will work fine; find out what your charm will be.

Antitalisman Today is the color red, which makes it difficult to make objective and meaningful decisions. This color causes aggression, which has no place in the life of each of us today. April 30 will be a good day only for those who will be calm and reasonable.

Color April 30: Today, dark blue, green and black shades will have a good effect on energy. The day is intelligent and calm, so we need the appropriate stimulation that these colors can provide. Black is more suitable for those who want to go on a romantic date or seduce a member of the opposite sex.

Solar calendar and relationships

So, this day will be far from the most successful and bright, but to a greater extent it will depend only on yourself. Be careful with your emotions. Keep them in check, not allowing yourself to fall for those you love and respect.

As for money issues, try to spend a little money earned money on yourself and on gifts to loved ones.

April 30 is not an easy Saturday, but it can be an extremely positive day for you to come closer to those you love. Try not to frighten luck away with aggression and impulsivity. If you need to learn more about today, read the lunar calendar for April 30th. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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