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Solar calendar: April 3

Solar calendar: April 3

The sun’s rays are the source of life on the planet. However, it is not always so rosy. To learn how to attract luck on April 3, read the solar calendar.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: April 3, the first rays of the Sun will be visible as early as 5:54 Moscow time.

Sunset: the farewell rays of sunset will be observed at 19:12 Moscow time. The day continues its rapid growth.

Day length: spring mood and sunny heat will delight us 13 hours 18 minutes. The day is already much more than a night, so it’s time to open the season for evening walks.

Sun Activity: Today is expected to continue the magnetic storm. Despite the fact that she is declining, you should still eliminate any overwork. So you can keep your mood and good luck during the day.

Stock up on analginum, as headaches and exacerbations of chronic diseases are possible.

The probability of a magnetic storm is about 50%, which is a very high figure. Do not sit long in front of the computer and often go for walks. Physical activity is better not just to reduce, and eliminate.

The interaction of the sun with other celestial bodies: today the sun has full power in the sky. This independence promises us a lot of fun. Contrary to magnetic excitations, the Sun also gives us confidence, good spirits and a good mood.

That is the true nature of our luminary. In contrast to itself, the Sun will help us cope with the effects of the storm. Try to stay in a good mood, do not quarrel with anyone and do only good to others.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring luck today:

  • collective work;
  • meetings, negotiations;
  • creation;
  • obtaining new knowledge;
  • summarizing;
  • fulfillment of promises;
  • slowness

What to avoid:

  • thoughtless decisions;
  • bad habits;
  • waste of time;
  • aggression, impulsiveness;
  • false pretense

Talisman April 3rd — this is any spherical decoration. The sun is an ideal sphere with perfect symmetry. Another great talisman is a pair of symmetrical rings, that is, if you put a ring on the index finger of your left hand, then on the other hand on the same finger it is better to also have a ring. The metal of the day is gold.

Gold jewelry will give confidence in yourself and enhance the overall energy of the body.

Antitallisman The suns are dark objects, images of predatory animals and silver. Try to avoid having all of this near you, so as not to expose yourself to energy depletion. Avoid numbers 4, 6 and 8. They carry only one negative.

Surround yourself with numbers 3, 5 and 7 — they will bring you luck.

Color April 3 — golden, white, green. The best choice for clothing would be white or gold. They must prevail, but not be the only ones.

Clothing should emphasize lightness and kindness, so be careful when choosing a style — no need to dress too strictly.

Solar calendar and relationships

In love, each person has a warm time, filled with pleasant emotions. Try to compromise where necessary, and also do not try to resort to dubious methods of persuading anyone. Be diplomatic and calm so as not to attract the negative.

In the financial and business sphere it is better to take a break. Relax and look at everything from a sober look. Do not try to keep up with two hares.

If you do not have enough astrological recommendations, the lunar calendar for April 3 will help to build a complete picture of the day. It will complement the available information and tell you how to keep success and good mood. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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