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Solar calendar: April 24

Solar calendar: April 24 of the year

The solar calendar is based on knowledge of the effects of the sun on humans and astronomical data about its position in the constellations. Find out right now what the coming day will bring.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: dawn will be noticeable already at 5:03, and this will significantly increase the duration of daylight.

Sunset: it will be dark at 19:54, two minutes later than the previous day.

Duration of daylight hours: light day will increase by 4 and a half minutes and last for 14 hours and 51 minutes.

Solar Activity: weak magnetic disturbances are possible, but the probability of a magnetic storm is low: about 10%. So, the health of meteo-dependent people will not give a strong glitch.

Interaction with the planets: The sun comes into its full strength

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

  • making serious decisions;
  • intellectual and creative activities;
  • conversation;
  • personnel shift;
  • marriage;
  • romantic dates

What can drive away success:

  • business negotiations;
  • ill-considered changes;
  • low physical activity.

Talisman of this day — stones of the Sun, that is, granite, amber and ruby. Talismans of these stones are able to attract success in all matters. Gold jewelry is also sure to bring you luck, because it is the metal of the Sun.

Antitallisman — Silver, moonstone, images of fish, birds and castle.

Color April 4 — yellow and golden hues. They will raise your spirits and invigorate, giving vitality and energy. Orange can be taken as an extra shade, white and red will also work.

Solar calendar and relationships

The most important thing on this day is to relax evenly in order to gain strength before Monday, and most of the people in this will contribute to communication with friends. They will help to relieve stress and tension accumulated over the working days, they will listen, support and sometimes even help with advice. Moreover, try to get out of the house, if relations with relatives began to crack.

To avoid conflicts, it is sometimes enough just to take a break from each other.

For those who have planned a romantic date for this day, everything will go as well as possible, and relations in the future can be quite close and strong, so look at your chosen person better, study his habits and interests.

Look also in the lunar calendar to supplement the information. All the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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