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Solar calendar: April 22

Solar calendar: April 22 of the year

The spring sun not only pleases the eye, but also enhances energy. The solar calendar will tell you how to attract good luck on April 22 and how to keep a good mood during the day.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise April 22: at 5 hours 7 minutes Moscow time.

Sunset on April 22: at 19 hours 50 minutes.

Day length: 14 hours and 43 minutes is the length of today.

Solar Activity: On April 22nd, magnetic storms are not expected, as the Sun will be extremely calm. The probability of a storm is less than 1%. Today, Friday, you can safely play sports and not worry about your mood and health.

And to be ready for this occasion, read on how to maintain good health during a magnetic storm.

Interaction with other celestial bodies: Venus today is the main rival of the Sun. The fact is that it is able to neutralize its positive start. Try to avoid all unnecessary things — excesses are useless today.

Surround yourself only those who are dear to you. Listen to the advice of loved ones and solve only the most important problems. On this day, it will also be good to look at appearance, since Venus protects beauty and charm.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck on April 22:

  • change of style, personal care;
  • an objective view of things;
  • planning;
  • responsible decisions;
  • self-criticism.

What can scare away success:

  • laziness;
  • quarrels with relatives;
  • pessimism;
  • rumors and gossip;
  • risks and adventures.

Talisman April 22 — as a talisman and amulet, you can use these stones: garnet, jasper, quartz, malachite. Copper products will also bring great luck in love and deeds. Images of graceful felines will be helpful.

Antitalismans there are none today. This is a very rare case that occurs every few months.

Color April 22 — white. Try to use this color as much as possible, surrounding yourself with its aura. This will allow you to seduce the opposite sex and increase self-confidence.

Solar calendar and relationships

Today is the Full Moon, which will greatly affect almost all areas of our lives. The sun is not able to overcome this influence, although it will still make its contribution. Set yourself a feasible task and do not be afraid to make minor mistakes — in the future this will teach you a lot.

In love, it is important not to go too far. Do not show any excessive emotions, so as not to encounter a misunderstanding. People on this day may behave very strange, so be prepared to meet resistance where you offer help, and get ready to meet help where you do not expect it.

The day today will be full of surprises — both pleasant and no.

In business relations, your position should be about the same: be an observer, not a main actor.

April 22 is a very difficult day, although it has its advantages. For more details on how to attract good luck on April 22, read the lunar calendar. Successes to you, love and do not forget to press buttons and

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