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Solar calendar: April 20

Solar calendar: April 20 of the year

The sun has the greatest impact on life. Not surprisingly, our well-being and mood are largely dependent on it. What to expect today, will tell the solar calendar.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: on this day, the sun will rise three minutes earlier than the previous day, at 5:13.

Sunset: by 19:46 the sun goes down below the horizon.

Duration of daylight hours: light day will last 14 hours and 33 minutes. Regarding the past day, he added 4 and a half minutes.

Solar Activity: magnetic storms and perturbations of the solar magnetosphere are not expected. Their probability is about 15%.

Interaction with the planets: this day is ruled by the planet Mercury, named for the messenger of the gods and the patron of merchants from ancient Roman mythology. His influence helps maintain the right connections.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

    elimination of misunderstanding between relatives;

What can drive away success:

Talisman of this day: emerald, chrysolite, turquoise and tiger eye. The talismans of Mercury strengthen the ability to learn, strengthen the nervous system and add luck. Mercury helps develop a quick response.

These talismans are important to those who by their profession are engaged in analytics, research or sales.

Antitolisman: fish, pearls or jellyfish. Avoid such jewelry, T-shirts or notebooks with a similar print and other things that make these characters to meet you.

Color April 20: The main color of this day is green, stimulating mental activity. In addition to it, yellow or orange colors are suitable.

Solar calendar and relationships

Today it will be enough just to establish all kinds of contacts, especially business. If you are a student and you have certain questions about essays or coursework, do not delay with them. Approach the teacher: you will not just easily and quickly understand everything, but you can also be remembered as a bona fide student in the eyes of the teacher.

If you, of course, did not skip too much.

In a love relationship, you can make updates and, most importantly, do not pay attention to the little things. If you are annoyed, stay an hour alone with yourself, so as not to arrange unnecessary quarrels and not to cloud the relationship. Those who are still only looking for their soul mate, astrologers recommend not to sit at home. Meet up with friends.

It is possible that someone who could interest you as a potential partner may join your company.

The position of the Moon and the Sun affects both the character of a person and the perspectives that the day gives us. Use them successfully and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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