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Solar calendar: April 17

Solar calendar: April 17

The sun gives us not only smiles, warmth and good luck. It can bring something negative into our lives. The solar calendar for April 17 will tell you how to keep a good mood throughout the day.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: Sunday morning, April 17, will begin at 5 hours 19 minutes Moscow time, when our star will begin to appear from beyond the horizon.

Sunset: at 19 hours and 40 minutes the Sunday Sun will completely disappear over the horizon.

Duration of daylight hours: Today, the day will be 14 hours and 21 minutes.

Solar Activity: April 17th The sun will be calm. Astronomers and weather forecasters do not note the increased activity of the Sun, so everyone can do a lot of sports and stay up at work for a long time, solving important tasks of any kind.

Interaction with other celestial bodies: on this pleasant Sunday, the sun rules the sky completely. That is why everyone will be given a good mood and good luck in business. In order not to lose this gift, try not to get involved in adventures, but move with calm and measured steps towards your dream.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring luck today:

  • caution;
  • housework;
  • honesty, openness;
  • financial issues;
  • learning new skills;
  • love.

What can deprive you of good luck:

  • risks and adventures;
  • business trips in a hurry;
  • failure to fulfill promises;
  • flattery.

Talisman April 17 — this is any gold jewelry, because gold is the metal of the sun. It personifies its beauty and perfectly interacts with its energy. It positively influences luck and success in love relationships.

Gold will be a great helper in any resurrection.

Antitalisman The suns will turn out to be silver ornaments. The fact is that they are tied to the interaction with the Moon — the night Sun. The energy of the Sun comes into conflict with the energy of silver metal, therefore it does not reach man.

If you do not have gold jewelry, it is better to do without jewelry at all.

Color April 17 — gold and green. These two colors will help you find happiness and maintain a good mood throughout the day. Green shades are preferable, since resurrection is a day of life, good mood, nature and harmony.

Solar calendar and relationships

On April 17, astrologers advise taking everything as your heart dictates. Do not listen to other people’s advice and instructions. Let this day be what you see it.

This applies to any relationship — both business and love.

Go with your soulmate on a romantic date or arrange it at home. Give close people only smiles and positive.

In all other respects, it is better to be careful and avoid any aggression, because today is the resurrection — a day that is not typical of something like that. Diplomacy, responsiveness and kindness will be incomparably better than egoism and immorality.

If you are worried about an important deal or first date, then pay attention to the lunar calendar on April 17th. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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