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Solar calendar: April 16

Solar calendar: April 16 of the year

The solar calendar will tell you about the influence of the sun today and its interaction with the planets that influence our lives. Enlisting their support, you will definitely achieve more.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: The first rays of the Sun can be observed as early as 5:22 am, which means that it will rise three minutes earlier relative to the past day.

Sunset: twilight will come to 19:38, and thanks to the gradually increasing longitude of daylight, you can manage to redo more cases.

Duration of daylight hours: daylight hours will last 14 hours and 15 minutes, which is 4 and a half minutes more than the previous day.

Solar Activity: the magnetosphere will be calm, even magnetic oscillations are not foreseen. The probability of a magnetic storm is low: no more than 10%.

Interaction with the planets: a great impact will Saturn. This planet carries a serious energy, contributing to the work. It helps self-discipline, the development of patience and a sober rational outlook on life.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring good luck today:

What can drive away success:

  • visiting places of entertainment;
  • reckless risks;
  • addiction to flattery.

Talisman of this day — blue sapphire, amethyst, onyx and dark agate. These stones will help to concentrate on affairs, improve memory, give longevity and the possibility of extraordinary career growth.

Antitallisman — crab, water lily or olive.

Color April 16 — brown will be the main color, black and dark green are also suitable.

Solar calendar and relationships

If you want to start dating a man you are in love with, first think: do you need a long-lasting, serious relationship, or a light beautiful novel that should end one day? Under the strong influence of Saturn, it is best to rely only on the first option. On the other hand, lovers who want to formalize a relationship can decide to take this step and apply.

Emotionality today is quite high, which is good in an intimate way, but it can badly affect relationships with friends and relatives. Therefore, avoid any negative phrases, do not start quarrels and disputes: they will most likely be long, tedious and unpleasant. And you may not be able to return the old relationship soon.

It would be nice to spend the evening with friends, maybe even in a cafe or bar, but you need to remember that today there is a high inclination for adventures, which can affect your wallet.

The day will surely go well if you find some exciting activity for at least an hour. All the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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