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Solar calendar: April 1

Solar calendar: April 1

The sun is the patron of life on Earth. It can be destructive and carrying trouble, and can give everyone good luck. The solar calendar for April 1, the year will tell you how and what to do so that success is always with you.

Astronomical characteristic of the day

Sunrise: April 1, the sun will rise at 6 o’clock and 1 minute.

Sunset: at 19 hours and 8 minutes the sun will set today.

Longitude of the day: The duration of daylight hours today will be 13 hours and 7 minutes.

Solar Activity: Today will be a pretty calm day, not foreshadowing anything bad. The sun is not too active, so everyone can safely do the usual things for him, and without risk to health or mood. Magnetic storms are not expected, and the possibility of exacerbation of chronic diseases is close to zero.

The interaction of the Sun with other celestial bodies: today, the Sun is in union with Venus, which is full of secrets and mysteries. Venus is the patroness of the feminine, which will balance the energy of the day. Today rest and tranquility are favorable, although the Sun gives freedom of action. That is why each person can do what his heart and soul desires.

Energetically the day will be stable, so you can also resolve issues related to the court.

Astrologers’ recommendations

What will bring luck today:

What will deter success:

Talisman of this day — decoration of turquoise, pomegranate or emerald. Metal April 1 — copper, calm and balanced. Of course, copper and stones-talismans will bring their share of good luck, however, this day will help you to make your own confidence only truly happy.

Antitallisman — Images of predatory animals of the dog family: wolves, bears.

Today, any success will be good for success. odd numbers. They attract the positive aura of the universe. These numbers should guide you in the right direction, so follow them.

Color April 1 — green, blue, red. The most successful for any person will be green. He will help to achieve inner harmony and quickly make decisions based on emotions and the sixth sense.

The remaining two colors are auxiliary, so they can be used at your discretion.

Solar calendar and relationships

Care must be taken in the love sphere. A wrong word can create a gap between loved ones. Try not to do anything offensive to your loved ones.

As for the second half, then it will require a special approach based on understanding and patience.

It’s better to suspend business relations today completely, but if you don’t have such an opportunity, just do the necessary things and don’t take on extra responsibilities.

We wish you good luck on this wonderful Friday day. Let the stars, the Sun and Venus help you find your happiness. If you want to know more about today, pay attention to the lunar calendar to increase the chances of success. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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