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Slavic feast of the Kin and Mothers on September 21

Slavic feast of the Kin and Mothers on September 21

The ancient Slavs had a very developed cult of Rod and rozhanitsy, which protected from disease and bestowed well-being. On the day of the celebration of these spirits, you can hold an important ceremony that will protect your child from failures.

For a long time, people believed that deceased relatives still visit their family members and continue to exist as representatives of their clan. Many psychics confirm this, for example, Victoria Rydos said that every kind has a protective force due to the fact that the departed take care of their descendants. Slavs celebrated the day of the Sort and rozhanits to honor the memory of their ancestors and get their patronage.

Family Advocates: Born and Rozhanitsy

In the ancient pagan mythology of the Slavs there are such concepts as the genus and rozhanitsy. To honor these spirits, a special day was set aside — September 21. Even after the adoption of Christianity on this day, on which the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is also celebrated, they gathered for the whole family.

This tradition is still passed down from generation to generation, because it is thanks to it that you can feel yourself involved in the life of your family and protected.

The genus is a pagan deity who patronized all the descendants of one family, starting with the most distant ancestors. It symbolizes the unity of the family. Slavs believed that the spirits of deceased relatives can help them in life and protect them from harm. That is why the cult of ancestor worship was so developed.

Not for nothing, they were respectful of those who could call their relatives on dozens of knees back and, all the more, tell something about them.

Rozhanitsy similar to the Greek sisters, Moira, in whose hands was the fate of each person. Some scientists believe that rozhanitsy as such are borrowed mythological creatures. But the Slavs believed that rozhanitsy determine the fate of the newborn.

Of course, this cult was exclusively female: after all, it was the woman who was associated with procreation.

Rite of passage on the health and well-being of the child

On this day it is very useful and even necessary to carry out rituals associated with the genus. You can start with an important cleansing ritual that will remove your tribal curse, if there is one. But it is also important to take care of the younger generation.

Mothers are known to be very worried about their children. Therefore, on this day, you can help your child find happiness in life by calling family spirits to help and, thus, protecting her child from serious diseases. But this will have to try and collect information as much as possible. Ask your parents about deceased relatives, it is advisable to be named to you by name.

You can prepare a family heirloom, if you have one, or a thing your dead relative used to use (preferably female).

Do the rite in your child’s room. All the information about relatives that you know and managed to get, write on a piece of paper. If there are photos of dead relatives, then stock them too.

Arrange them so that they look at you during the ceremony.

Take a needle and disinfect it. Carefully pierce your finger lightly and put it on paper with the names of your ancestors and deceased relatives. Then say the conspiracy: “I don’t ask for myself — I pray for the child, for my son / daughter (give the child’s last name, first name and patronymic name). Get together our whole race, protect him / her, the blessing to bestow and the misfortune to drive away.

Let the disease not torment him / her, but be prosperity and well-being. From now on and forevermore I implore you to keep good eyes out of the child. Let it be so».

After the ceremony is completed, put the photographs, the family heirloom, and a piece of paper on which you dripped with blood under the bed of the child. Enough for all these things to spend at least one night there. Then the ceremony will begin its action and your child will gain a decent protection of the Sort against negative external influences.

Do not forget to go to church on this day and pray in front of the icon of the Virgin Mary, since this day marks an important holiday dedicated to the Birth of Our Lady. All the best and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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